Today's Opinions

  • Alarmists are the real threat

        Although the weekend’s weather was quite mild, cool rather than cold, the big chill we had last week made me think of a story I did in January.

        I had heard that the city and county “Democrats” were having Weed at a joint meeting at the Welcome Center. Wondering if the sheriff knew about this, I took a camera and notebook and went there to check it out.

  • Making a difference

    Having run through $700 billion in a bailout bill with nothing to show for it, Congress and the President are now salivating over how to spend another $1 trillion that, at best, will do little to stimulate the economy or create jobs. At the same time, however, the people of this nation continue to be the one’s stepping out and making a difference.

        Take the  Society of St. Andrew, for instance.

        The Big Island faith-based hunger relief organization stepped up big last year.

  • Letters

    Be careful when driving

        Once again, our family has gone through a situation that we had hoped would never happen. As all parents know, when your children start driving, you hope they will draw the line between common sense and being reckless.

        Unfortunately, we cannot be with them at all times and remind them of the consequences of a foolish mistake.

  • H. R. 1 is a solid step towards economic recovery

    With the economy in crisis and 16,500 Americans losing their jobs each day, Congress acted rapidly, transparently, and responsibly to pass an economic recovery package for American families. The bill is not perfect and may yet be improved, but it is a reasonable and decisive step out of economic chaos. I voted for H.R. 1, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, because our families and localities need this lifeline.


  • There's a better way forward

    This past week the House of Representatives considered the so called “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act”.  This legislation, which will cost the American taxpayers more than $1.1 trillion including interest, is just another example of wasteful Washington spending at its worst disguised as an economic stimulus bill.  The goal of this legislation was to provide tax relief to families and invest in infrastructure.  Unfortunately, the legislation has been loaded up with pork barrel spending like $600 million to buy new cars for government workers, $44 million for

  • Black History Month

    The Bedford Museum and Genealogical Library has honored those that have made history in the past. This year the Museum is honoring those that are making history today.

        Bedford is proud of  Charles Nelms, Sergeant of the Bedford Police Dept. Nelms was born in Body Camp and attended Body Camp Elementary School. After graduating from Staunton River High School he served three years in the Marines achieving the rank of Corporal. Charles is serving his 23rdrd year in the Bedford Police Dept.

  • Legislation aimed at speeding recovery

    Are there 1,840 things wrong with Virginia?  That’s how many bills legislators filed for this year’s General Assembly session.  Every one of those bills proposes some change to the Code of Virginia, the laws that govern our commonwealth.  Every bill, however, will not become law.

  • Will the GOP cooperate or obstruct?

        The refusal of the Republican Party in the House to support President Obama’s economic stimulus bill raised a basic question about the GOP as the new president attempts to carry out the mandate he was given.

        Will Republicans work with the president or will they continue to rely upon the failed policies - and the wrong-headed notions behind those policies - that got them beaten so badly in November?