Today's Opinions

  • Preserving sportsmen’s heritage

    For many families in the Sixth Congressional District, sitting down at the dinner table is welcome ground for an old tale of a past hunting or fishing trip. Whether it’s a love of the sport, or simply spending time in the great outdoors, hunting, fishing, and recreational shooting are traditions shared by the young and old. Ensuring that these activities are available to share with future generations is an important part of our heritage as Americans.


  • Rebuilding from the storm’s destruction

    By Congressman Robert Hurt

  • Of Primary importance

        Every time the polling locations are open for a vote, it is important to cast your ballot – from local elections to the president.
        This Tuesday, March 1, is just about as big as it gets.
        Voters will have the chance this Tuesday to participate in the Republican and Democratic primaries as part of the Super Tuesday voting that could go a long way to decide who will be each Party’s candidate in the fall election.
        The stakes are enormous.

  • Expand vocational education

        I think School Board Chairman Gary Hostutler’s idea of a regional vocational center is worth pursuing.

  • Democrats: Be calm, and stay together

        Former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s presidential bid didn’t last long, but when he left the scene, he had some parting words for conservatives: “Donald Trump will destroy the Republican Party.”
        At the time, most might have chuckled at Perry’s remarks, and joked about him leaving the race, but few would have guessed how potentially true his remarks would appear six months later.

  • On being a ‘political extremist’

    By Rev. Travis Witt
    Fifth District Representative to Republican State Central Committee

        Let me respond to my name being mentioned two weeks ago. 

  • ransient occupancey tax bills approved

    By Delegate Terry Austin

    The Virginia General Assembly has now passed the midpoint of the 2016 session.  The pace of activity has intensified, as the House of Delegates begins considering Senate bills that have “crossed over,” at the same time that we in the House work to finish our own bills.  Interestingly, as we move through the second half of the session, the issues become more complex and more controversial.

  • Charter school bill fails

    By Delegate Kathy Byron

        Crossover is now behind us.  From here forward, my colleagues and I in the House of Delegates will be considering bills filed by Senators.  And when I’m not listening to senators tell me all about their legislation, I’ll be busy explaining my bills to them.