• Girls rule!
      It was all you might expect it to be. There was no winner.  Times were not kept.  All the entrants wore the same bib number.  There was no team champion. And they had a ball. The Girls on the Run Celebration 5K took place at Sweet Briar College this past Saturday.  A total of 495 young ladies, assisted by 125 coaches and cheered on by hundreds of family and friends, successfully navigated the course at the Amherst County school.
  • Pepper Time
      The hours of ten, two and four o'clock have long been  known as "Dr. Pepper time."   Whitney Jones hopes pepper time comes for her a bit later in the day.  That's because Jones has been chosen as one of five finalists for the Doctor Pepper Challenge, to be held at halftime of the ACC football title game the evening of Dec. 7.
  • A 'Gala' run in Apple Valley
        The apples may all have been picked, but that doesn't mean Gross's Orchard couldn't still be a fruitful place. Last Saturday, the orchard served as the setting for the 16th annual Apple Valley cross country race, a 5K run which puts the harriers in as gorgeous a setting as they're likely to encounter. Among the Granny Smith, Stayman and Gala trees, the runners were treated to a crystal-clear view of the Peaks of Otter, as Mother Nature sent them nothing but sunshine.
  • A different kind of dog
      Life changes quickly. Those that aren't agile enough to adjust to those changes get left behind. Scott "Cujo" Sigmon is nothing if he isn't agile. The man who singlehandedly brought professional boxing to this area has moved on to the next stage of his career. "I want to become one of the most powerful managers in boxing," said Sigmon.  "I want to give guys a chance to change their lives, like I'd been given."
  • Photo of the week: The tinniest toad
  • A run for the heroes
      By Mike Forster sports@bedfordbulletin.com   You can do something. The attacks by terrorists on September 11, 2001 resulted in America becoming enmeshed in a war that has outlasted all other American conflicts. We have largely been insulated from the effects of the war:  There is no draft and Americans have not been asked to make any kind of economic sacrifice. So, given this situation, how might one recognize the solemnity and importance of the impending anniversary of that dark day?
  • Hall for Liberty's famed
      What will Bedford soon have in common with Springfield, Mass., Canton, Ohio and Cooperstown, NY? It'll be among those localities that have halls of fame. While those august cities have dedicated structures to house the basketball, football and baseball (respectively) halls of fame, Bedford's will reside within the walls of Liberty High School. And while those aforementioned halls have a national scope, this one will be local.
  • Stealerz strike Commonwealth gold
  • Photo of the Week
  • Cap'n Dale's SML report
      DALE WILSON’S SML GUIDE SERVICE PHONE NO:  540-297-5650 / 540-874-4950 www.captaindalewilson.com   OVERVIEW: Fishing is fair to good. Later this month fishing should improve.  The hot weather and heavy boat traffic has made most fishing best at night or early morning. The majority of the lake is clear and the water temperature will be in the 80’s. .