High School

  • Shuperb ending to track season

    By Mike Forster

        Bedford County athletes fell short of their dreams at the State championship track and field meets (for both 4A- and 3A-level schools) last weekend.  Except for one.
        Jefferson Forest’s Alyssa Shupe was the sole trackster from the county to bring home the gold, taking top honors in the 800 meter run.

  • Visitors lost in Forest

        The classrooms may have been silent, but the fields of Jefferson Forest certainly were not.
        In spite of the school year’s end, JF athletes were still in the swing of things.  While others headed to the beach, the Cav baseball and soccer teams, as well as the Lady Cav softball and soccer squads, were in action during Monday’s Conference 24 opening games.

  • Tracking LHS

    By Mike Forster

        You’d think things would be easy when you compete in a five-team conference.
        Well, you’d think wrong, particularly when you’re thinking about track and Conference 30.

  • min-nets max nets


    Central Bedford County doesn’t have a reputation for being a tennis hotbed.

    But that seems to be changing thanks, in large part, to the Liberty girls’ tennis team.

    The crew of racketeers made mincemeat of the competition in winning the Conference 30 title last week.

    Of the team’s second-straight conference title, Head Coach Ramona Murray said, “We’ve had success because the girls play so hard and enjoy learning about tennis.  They aren’t just out there.”

  • River rocks Rocks


    Whenever Eagles and Wildcats get together, feathers and fur are sure to fly.

    That was the case on Friday evening.  But it was the aerial predators which got the upper hand, er, talon, over their feline foes.

    Staunton River topped Rockbridge, County in baseball, softball and boys soccer while settling for a tie on the girls’ pitch.

    All was good on the homefront, where the softball and boys’ soccer teams gave the local fans a start before picking up wins.  

  • Liberty sweeps Bees on pitch

        In most sports this scholastic year, Brookville has found a good measure of success against teams from Liberty.
        In football, volleyball, basketball (both boys and girls), swimming, wrestling, baseball and softball, the Bees have had reigned over teams bedecked in red, white and blue.
        Soccer, though, is another story.
        The Minutemen topped the visiting Brookies, 1-0, while the invading Lady M-Men took a 4-0 win.

  • River roundup

        Big on the Golden Eagles’ menu this past week was Alleghany.
        The good news was that the baseball and girls soccer teams got back on track with key wins over the Mountaineers.
        The middlin’ news was that the boys soccer team saw its game with the Alleghanians rained out to a later date.
        The bad news was that the softball team suffered its first loss of the Blue Ridge season.

  • Cavs buzz Bees; Bees sting back

        ‘Tis a well-known fact that there is little love between Brookville and Jefferson Forest.
        Sited about four miles apart, as the crow flies, and about six miles, as the bus drives, the Bees and Cavs are natural rivals.
        Any antipathy between the schools only grew in magnitude after the softball and baseball teams got together last week.

  • JF takes Liberty on the softball diamond

        There is a natural rivalry between Jefferson Forest and Liberty.
        In softball, that rivalry is compounded due to the fact that both schools have a long history of excellence in the sport.
        Further mitigating things is that the players know each other so well from, among other things, travel ball.
        So, one can expect an exciting game whenever the two teams get together, right? 
        Darn tootin’!

  • Soccer win for JF over Liberty

        You don’t tug on superman’s cape
        You don’t spit into the wind
        You don’t pull the mask off that old lone ranger
        And you don’t mess around with JF soccer
    -Jim Croce (kind of)

        Both of Liberty’s soccer crews learned that hard lesson.  Expecting to play JF teams that might be ripe for the picking, it turned out to go the other way around.