High School

  • Not again!


    For Superman, it was Kryptonite.

    For the Wicked Witch of the West, it was water.

    For Achilles, it was his own heel.

    And for Liberty's football team, it seems to be Brookville.

    An inability to put away the Bees resulted in a 24-16 loss for the Minutemen.  While it was only the third defeat of the season for Liberty, it was especially painful: 

    a)  It was the second loss at the hands of the Bees and

  • Runnin' to States


    Those that run together won together.

    The Jefferson Forest girls' cross country team romped to victory in the 4A-North regional runoff last Thursday.

    Meanwhile, the vastly improved JF boys' team punched its ticket to States (this Saturday at Great Meadow) by landing in fifth place at regionals.

  • Two for the show


    Well, at least the traveling will be light.  The games, themselves?  Probably not.

    Bedford County residents wanting to catch the first round of the playoffs will have two options within the county limits.  Liberty entertains Brookville in a 3A-West opener.  Meanwhile, Jefferson Forest gets its 4A-North sojourn underway by hosting Loudoun County.

  • Ending on a high note


    By Jeffery McClintock

    Special to the Bedford Bulletin


    Folks, Staunton River closed out its season with a 56-42 victory over visiting Alleghany on Friday night. But, rest assured, the game wasn’t that close.

    On a night honoring the seniors of Staunton River athletics it was the seniors who contributed in big ways.

    For instance, senior Clay Feazell ran for 78 yards on nine carries tallying two scores and Daniel Scott recorded a sack and recovered two fumbles. 

  • Lord, it was close


    By Jeffery McClintock

    Special to the Bedford Bulletin


    On a cold and rain-drenched Friday night Staunton River met Blue Ridge District foe Lord Botetourt in Daleville. Those hardy enough to withstand the condition witnessed what Botetourt Head Coach Jamie Harless told the Eagles was, “…one helluva game.”

  • Minutemen roll; top Amherst


    They're certainly not going to impress you with the size of their roster.

    Therefore, they have to do it with the size of their hearts.

    Liberty's football crew picked up another victory, over Seminole foe Amherst, tending to business on the Lancers' turf, 37-20.

    The team with the incredible shrinking roster turned up the heat in the second half to run away from the speedy Amherstians.

  • Game of the century


    We're calling it "The Game of the Century."

    And, by "century," we don't mean the 14 years that have ticked off since we added a "2" to the front of our years.

    We mean the one hundred years, running from 1914 to this year.

    When Jefferson Forest visits the Liberty gridiron this year, it will be the biggest in-county matchup since, well, since forever.

    At least on the football field.

    And, since football is king in these parts, our logic is pretty sound here.

  • Next up for JF: Glass


    Here's a new twist on an old joke:  What's black and blue and red all over?

    Why, it's the Black and Blue bowl, featuring the black of Jefferson Forest, the blue of E.C. Glass and, we suspect, the red of the scoreboard lighting up all night long.

    The annual contest, which features the awarding of the Med Express medical kit, usually lives up to its name, with the fierce hitting resulting in some bruised-up lads the following morning.

    This year should be no exception.

  • Next up for Liberty: Amherst


    The good news?  Liberty will save a bunch on travel costs when the Minutemen head to Amherst County this Friday evening.

    The bad news?  The savings come because the team has such small numbers.  Due to injuries and departures from the team, the Minutemen have been dressing out in the neighborhood of 30 players.

    Ah, but what success that score-and-a-half of young men has had.  For a sampling, take a look at this chart:

  • Victory is theirs!


    By Jeffery McClintock

    Special to the Bedford Bulletin


    Ask any high school football player about what can  make homecoming a successful night and you'll get a wide list of items: picking up a win, having  nice weather, playing an easy opponent.

    On Friday night Staunton River got the win and nice weather but (on paper) its opponent, Rockbridge County, would be considered anything but easy.