High School

  • Jf to face Rustburg


    Which team holds the longest current winning streak over Jefferson Forest?

    Why, it's none other than Rustburg.  The Red Devils have been a thorn in the side of the Cavaliers the past three years.  In fact, there is not a single player on the current Cav roster who knows the feeling of beating Rustburg on a varsity gridiron.

    By the way, those three straight losses have all been particularly ugly.  

  • Minutemen top BuckCo in a tight one, 17-15


    If this is what you get playing down a class, Liberty may well be advised to stick with the big boys.

    The Minutemen headed to 2A-level Buckingham County last Friday night and were met by a foe that gave them everything they could handle.

    Yet, the men of Liberty showed that they can keep it together when things get rocky.  As a result, they escaped the fields of Buckingham with a 17-15 win.

    The operative word in all of this is "win."  

  • Best shot at a win


    One team will finally find some joy this season.

    For the other?  Oy!

    This Friday, Rockbridge County, owners of an 0-7 record, will visit Staunton River, saddled with an identical mark.

    While neither team has any hopes of making the playoffs, a victory would be a huge emotional and mental lift to whomever is the victor.

    We like to think that winner will be Staunton River.  The Eagles have a number of factors working in their favor.

  • Missed opps at the net


    They just can't seem to get over the hump.  As a result, Liberty seems destined to be a middle-of-the-pack member of the Seminole District volleyball club.

    This past Thursday night was a microcosm of the Lady Minutemen's season.  After storming out to a furious start, they knocked the visitors from Brookville back on their heels.  Liberty claimed the opening set in neat fashion, 25-22.

  • Rain reins in reign



    The Wicked Witch of the West being the notable exception, there are few folks who abhor water these days as much as the Jefferson Forest golf team.

    The Cavs saw their season stopped in a sad and soggy style, done in by an eminently more powerful foe:  Old Ma Nature.

    She turned on the spigots Tuesday morning, turning what had been an already damp Ivy Hill course into an unplayable one.  If she'd waited another hour to let loose the liquid, JF might have pulled out the win.

  • JF heads to Turner Ashby


    What's worse than a 105-mile, two-hour late night bus ride?

    How about such a sojourn while mulling over a loss?

    That's the nightmare scenario facing Jefferson Forest as it heads to lightly-regarded Turner Ashby this Friday evening.

    The Cavs couldn't be in a better spot.  They are sitting on a superb record of 6-0.  They are rated as the second best team in 4A-North.

    They have been racking up points with breathtaking alacrity.  Their defense seems to be tightening up nicely.

  • LHS gets Big Bucks


    This may not be just what the doctor ordered.

    A Liberty team which has seen its roster suffer hits due to injury and departure got to rest up last week, a bye firmly in its collective grasp.

    So, having an extra week to regroup and recuperate was certainly swell.

    And, you'd think that a game this Friday against a 2A-level foe would be an ideal way to get back into the swing of things.

  • JF still perfect; tops Amherst


    It's good to be the king.  Just ask Chris Tidwell.

    The offensive guard and defensive tackle's work in the trenches all season long would have earned the praise of King Richard the Line-Heart.

    This past Friday, against Amherst, Tidwell plucked a loose fumble in the end zone as deftly as King Arthur drew Excalibur from the stone.  And while Arthur's act presaged Camelot, Tidwell's  play helped ice Jefferson Forest's victory over the Lancers.

  • Shen-sational!


    For a team that was decimated by graduation losses, the Jefferson Forest golfing Cavaliers sure look like a bunch of winners.

    The Cavs added to their trove of treasure as they brought home the 4A-North region's first-place trophy on Monday.

    Already the top team in the Seminole District and in Conference 24, the regional champs now take aim at the big prize:  a State 4A-level championship.

  • JF rocks Heritage



    Holy cow!

    My goodness!

    That mix of exasperation and awe is what is being experienced by fans of the foes of Jefferson Forest football.

    The latest to experience such emotions:  the Heritage Pioneers.

    That's the same Heritage Pioneers who have been to the State semifinals (last year) and finals (the year before).  Yup, the Pioneers who last lost a regular-season game nearly two years ago (and that was to eventual State champion Brookville).