High School

  • River burns Forest

        The Jefferson Forest girls and boys teams rolled into Staunton River Saturday afternoon.
        By the time the teams headed North for the return trip, they'd learned something:  Those River kids can play some defense.
        The Lady Cavs and Cavs had those lessons reinforced as the lasses fell, 45-39, in the afternoon feature, and the fellows were topped 57-47 in the nightcap.
    Lady Eagles earn sweep

  • Liberty Bee-ten

        The beat goes on.
        Make that:  The beatings go on.
        Liberty has been unable to solve the enigma which is Brookville this year.  In football, the Minutemen were beaten twice by the Bees, including being sent packing from the playoffs.

  • Lady Minutemen: Now is the time


    It'll be the unstoppable force vs. the immovable object this Friday evening.

    That's because the high-flying Liberty Lady Minutemen will go toe-to-toe with the parsimonious and penurious Bees of Brookville.

    And for those of you not fortunate enough to have a thesaurus lying nearby, "parsimonious" and "penurious" are fancy ways of saying "stingy." 

  • Local hoops: Mystifying



    County basketball is like a box of chocolates.

    Just as you never know if you're going to get a coconut cream (yum) or a chocolate-covered cherry (yuk), you never know what you're likely to get with Bedford hoopsters.

    All three boys' teams have had mystifying seasons.  None has been more stupefying than has Liberty.  After losing its first eight games to open the season, the Minutemen have become hellions of the hardwoods.  

  • Golden Eagles, Lady Cavs in a dilly


    Going into Saturday evening's ladies' hoops tilt between Staunton River and Jefferson Forest, we were confident of two things.  First, the scoreboard was unlikely to get much of a workout.  Second, the girls on the court were likely to get one.

    Such anticipation proved prescient as the Lady Eagles and Lady Cavs worked like the dickens for a meager quantity of points.  In the end, it was River's scant pile of beans which outweighed that of its northern neighbor, 43-39.

  • Minutemen getting it together


    basketball team has to concern itself with teams outside of the Bedford County limits.

    After all, over the course of the last week, the Minutemen have flexed some real muscle at the expense of their county compatriots.

    The latest flexin' came at the expense of visiting Jefferson Forest.  The Minutemen earned a 65-58 win less than a week after trouncing Staunton River on that same M-Men hardwood.  Two of Liberty's three wins this season have come at the hands of Bedford County teams.  

  • Lady Minutemen take care of JF


    They've shown they're the best team in Bedford County.

    Now the question stands:  Can they be the best in more meaningful venues? 

    Specifically, can the Liberty Lady Minutemen make their mark at the State 3A level?

    In order to do so, they'll have to first emerge as the cream of region 3A-West.  Before that, they need to come out of Conference 30 as one of its top two teams.

  • Swim sweep


    It seemed like old times.

    At least for half of the night.

    Jefferson Forest and Brookville have had some epic swimming competitions over the years.  Last Thursday evening, the Cavs and Bees, along with the Liberty swim crew, faced off at the Bedford Area YMCA.

  • Hall worthy


    It was as though Peanut and Robert and Greg suited up after the festivities were over.

    The Minutemen hoopsters looked that good.

    Alas, Peanut Arrington, Robert Carson and Greg Reynolds, all formally inducted into the Liberty High School Hall of Fame before the boys' game with Staunton River, have all (long ago) used up their high school eligibility.

    Still, the trio of (two-time) State champs must have inspired the current crew of Minutemen hardwooders.

  • The great defenders


    They won't get defensive about it.  Nor will they take great offense.

    But this Staunton River girls basketball team is pretty darn solid when it comes to defense.

    The Lady Eagles showed that defensive posture in the penultimate day of 2014 when they beat up on visiting James River, 46-26.