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  • Extra Points

        The New York Giants have picked up another local star, Logan Thomas, in hopes that he will become a true NFL quarterback. Thomas will have a chance to learn under Eli Manning a great quarterback, even though I am not a fan of him.
        Thomas will also get to work along side of Rashad Jennings, a Jefferson Forest graduate. Jennings was recently back in Lynchburg running a youth camp at Liberty University.
    The Jennings family still lives locally which gives him more reason to come back and visit the town he grew up in.

  • Extra Points

        There are only 43 days until the NFL has its openings game for the 2016-17 football season. Only 11 days are left until the opening ceremony of the Rio Olympics and two weeks until our first local football game of the season when Jefferson Forest takes on Liberty Christian Academy for a benefit game at Liberty University. Staunton River will take on Louisa County on Saturday, August 13 for a home benefit game.

  • Sharks and cobia and amberjack, oh mahi
  • Extra Points: Fall is coming

    This past weekend was an adventure for me. I was able to witness my first ever Professional Wrestling event. It was definitely very entertaining, but I am still unsure that I will become a fan. 

    The event was put on very well and they had security everywhere, because from what I have been told sometimes brawls break out during the event due to fan disagreement. 

  • Extra Points: Concealed Carry Class

        This past weekend I was able to spend four hours taking a concealed carry class and learned more about having a permit and carrying a gun than I ever thought I needed to know.
        First, let me start by saying I am an avid hunter and have used and been around firearms since I was young. My dad took me out on my first hunt when I was 5 years old and we ended up shooting a beautiful buck.
        My mom and dad also signed up and took the class with me, so we made this a family affair.

  • Extra Points

    By Margaret Scott
    Sports Editor

        The sun has been shining, camps have been gearing up and MLB and COPA America has been rolling through. The USA team defeated Ecuador Thursday 2-1 to advance to the semi final round.
        The first goal came in the 22nd minute of the match with a header by Jermaine Jones. Ecuador played a little rough but the USA team didn’t answer back in the same way. Instead, the US squad answered back by winning the match.

  • Margaret’s Extra Points

    Sports Editor

        I can’ believe I am officially half the age of the Super Bowl. Super Bowl 50 has been a huge deal this year, it has been advertised all over television for the last month and it has also been in stores.
        There have been special adult beverages coated in a gold colors to commemorate the Super Bowl’s golden year. Special paper plates and cups and mugs are offered in black and gold for the biggest game of the year.

  • Column

    The best part about my job is that I get to talk to all the student-athletes and coaches. I get to carry on a conversation about a sport they love and how well their team is doing. I get to experience the games alongside the team and hear the excitement after every score. I hear the coaches talking to the players and trying to keep them motivated when the game isn’t going as well as they would have hoped.


    This week I had the pleasure of meeting Ken and Dana Ballard. They were able to sit down with me and talk about how schools get into the playoffs, how power points work, and why football is the only sport that does its playoff system differently.

  • Covering my first football game

    When I walked onto the field for the first time in about nine years I was amazed. Things looked so much different from what I remembered, yet everything was still the same.
        The field seemed smaller, the students more rowdy. But being on the field was like being at home, hearing the chanting from the fans and the coaches yelling at the players.