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  • No more Oprah for me!

    So, I’m watching Oprah the other day...

    Wait, let me start over.

    So, the wife is watching Oprah the other day while I”m hard at work in the kitchen.

    I was making zingara, an Italian dish of sauteed pork chops, peppers, black olives and white wine. Wednesday is usually a light day for me, work-wise. It is, therefore, my day to take a stab at cooking.

    So, the wife interrupts my sullying of her kitchen by informing me that Marion Jones is on Oprah.

    Huh? What was Marion Jones doing on THAT show? Hadn’t she gone away?

  • Halloween heartbreak for...

    Trick or Treat? The Red Devils drove down Rte. 24 and knocked on Staunton River’s door. Rustburg opted for a sweet reward, with a 22-14 victory in overtime at Eagle Stadium.

    The Red Devils’ touted option game put the nail in the coffin for Staunton River as Javon Campbell scurried into the end zone for the final blow. Campbell pounded the ball for 155 yards on 35 carries for the night. “They scored and we were in trouble. They outflanked us on the point of attack,” Staunton River coach Rick Witt said.

  • Cavs to entertain Rockbridge (...

    When Rockbridge County visited Jefferson Forest in the second week of the season, the Wildcats looked like anything but a playoff team.

    Rockbridge departed Bedford County with a 40-6 loss hung on it, in a breakout performance by the Cav offense. A stonewalling Forest defense had a lot to do with the outcome of that one.

    Certainly, that game will weigh heavily on the minds of many fans of both teams.

    If those fans are expecting a repeat, however, they should reconsider. Rockbridge is a different team, one bolstered by a fine six-game run that righted its ship.

  • Commentary - We've been...

    Anger crackled across the telephone line.

    My brother, Dan, had called to gripe about how his plans for a World Series get-together had been overwhelmed by the finances involved.

    Dan lives in South Philadelphia, about a stone’s throw from Citizens Bank Park, where the Phillies play.

    He had figured to have some family members over to his place, so as to catch a World Series game.

    It was not to be. Not at $800 a ticket, anyway.

    The Phillies’ website showed that the team was out of tickets.

  • Near perfect win at Bassett puts...

    Jefferson Forest played nearly flawless football last Friday evening.

    As a result, the Cavs dominated a very good Bassett team, picking up a 38-10 victory over the homestanding Bengals in the process.

    Additionally, the win ensured the Cavs would be in the post-season for the first time since 1999.

    “I know (the win over Bassett) shocked some people,” said Forest Head Coach Don Rice. “Not us.”

    If not shocking, what was somewhat startling was the level of near-perfection displayed by the Cavs. To wit:

  • Minutemen lock down #3 playoff...

    The weatherman predicted rain all evening, but the deluge never came.

    At least not from the skies.

    Instead, Liberty hit on nearly all cylinders in topping Rustburg 41-26.

    The win assured the Minutemen of a third-place seed in the VHSL Div. 3 playoffs, along with the home game opener that comes with that seeding.

    The loss killed any playoff hopes that the Red Devils may have been harboring.

  • Friday night frights!

    When Liberty and Forest, each with overall records of 6-3, square off at Minutemen Stadium in the regular season finale there will be much more at stake than there has been in recent years.

    The Friday night (7:30) tilt carries County bragging rights, of course. Since both teams defeated Staunton River earlier in the season, the winner of this game will be crowned as kings o’ the County.

    Also, the teams are tied at 3-2 in District play. The winner of this game will take third place in the Seminole.

  • Cavs squeak by Rusties

    Jefferson Forest roared out to a commanding lead, watched Rustburg exploit a couple of opportunities, then relied on the vaunted Cav defense to close out the Red Devils.

    The 20-14 win had everyone on the Forest side breathing a sigh of relief.

    “A win’s a win,” said Cav Head Coach Don Rice immediately following the tilt. “I told the seniors not to make this their last home game.”

    A loss would have virtually assured that the Cavs would finish in the lower tier of playoff teams (if at all) in Division 4.

  • Commentary: Short rants

    By now, you’ve heard all the whining about how this World Series is the Clash of the Midgets. Or how it is a World Series between JV teams.

    Yes, both teams have known futility

    The Phillies were the first team in the majors to suffer 10,000 defeats.

    Tampa Bay has never had a winning season until this year.

    So, I agree, historically, both teams are bad.

    But, we’re not talking history here. We’re talking today.

    Once the Cubs (sob) and the Angels were knocked out, there was no clearly better team left in the running.

  • Staunton River looks to Amherst...

    The U.S. consumer has recently been hit by the double whammy of high gas prices and shrinking home values.

    General Motors has recently been nailed by drooping sales and a nose-diving stock price.

    And the Staunton River football Eagles face the double-whammy of Brookville and Amherst.

    The Bees, the top team in Region III, Division 3, handled the Eagles easily this past Friday, 35-7.

    The Lancers, the top team in Region III, Division 4, will host the Eagles this Friday on their turf.