Today's Sports

  • Now they're banning the...

    I recently read that an elementary school principal in McLean has banned the game of tag from the playground of the Northern Virginia school.

    Citing the "intense aggression" of the game, Robyn Hooker informed parents that students at Kent Gardens Elementary would no longer be allowed to play the ageless classic.

    When parents expressed their disappointment at the ruling, Hooker sniffed, "I did not know that tag was so sacred."

    I'm with the parents on this one. Only "sacred" might be too tame of a word when it comes to tag.

  • Lady Cavs upend Liberty, ring up...

    It was a team with five straight titles vs. an undefeated one; a young team vs. an experienced one; Forest vs. Liberty.

    In a tight pitching duel, the Lady Cavs prevailed 3-0, hanging a loss on the Minettes for the first time this season and putting Forest back into the thick of the hunt for a sixth straight title.

    Freshman Carly Farmer limited the Minettes' hitherto spicy bats to four hits while reigning Seminole District Pitcher of the Year fell victim to some shoddy field play by her mates.

  • Forest diamondmen sweep county...

    Forest waited four weeks before hosting a game. The Cavs looked like they never missed the place as they took care of Liberty 9-2 on the Forest diamond. "The Seminole District is never easy, no matter who you're playing," said Forest Head Coach Ryan Gilleland. "You've got to win at home"

    After spotting the Minutemen a two run lead, Forest piled up all of its runs in the fourth (four runs) and fifth innings (five) as their bats caught fire.

  • Living the dream--local pitching...

    Ernie Banks, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle.

    When Bob Humphreys, of Bedford, reflects back on his professional baseball career, he recalls pitching to the likes of that trio of Hall of Famers, as well as many others.

    Humphreys' big league playing career began in 1962 and extended until 1970. During that period, Humphreys pitched for the Detroit Tigers, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, Washington Senators and Milwaukee Brewers. During his time in St. Louis, he threw for the World Series champion Cardinal team of 1964.

  • A day in the life: Martinsville...

    For Conor Murphy, taking a road trip to Martinsville Speedway last weekend with four of his friends from the University of Virginia business school was a last chance for them all to be together.

    In a couple of weeks they all graduate and head their separate ways. "We were close enough to come here," he said Sunday morning as the friends sat around the warmth of a fire. "It was one of those opportunities," he added, that just couldn't be passed up.

  • Commentary--Big bucks and red ink

    I used to take the position that a player deserves to make whatever the market will bear. If a team owner wants to pay $5 million a year for a second baseman with a career batting average of .240, that's his call.

    I figure that the fans and the sponsors are picking up the tab. It's a market decision. If you can afford forty bucks for a marginal seat at the ballpark, that's your call. If the good folks at Minute Maid want to shell out naming rights for the stadium in Houston, that's swell.

  • In the scrum--Local rugy player...

    There's an old saying in England along the lines that soccer is a gentleman's game played by ruffians while rugby is a ruffian's game played by gentlemen.

    One of Bedford's gentlemen has taken to the game with a passion. Zac Bonheim is having a blast with the sport, which he jumped into upon his matriculation at the United States Coast Guard Academy.

  • Boys' soccer preview--...

    The question for this year's version of the Staunton River boys' soccer team is whether it can overcome the churn at the top to improve upon last year's surprisingly good season.

    With its fifth head coach in seven seasons, there can be little doubt that the team is looking for some stability. New Head Coach Robert Morck hopes to provide that stabilizing influence. However, this year, he'll have to deal with the departure of two main cogs from last year: Keeper Evin Guilliams and center midfielder Jarrett Graham.

  • Boys' soccer preview--...

    The Liberty boys' soccer team recently got together to watch the movie "Miracle." The flick, about the U.S. Olympic Hockey team's preparation for, and defeat of, the mighty Soviet Union's team, could serve as an inspiration for the Minutemen's upcoming season.

    The message of that movie was that players had to think of their team first, putting personal ambitions on the back burner. "I don't want just talent," said Head Coach T Fox. "I want that talent to play as a unit."

  • Anger over March Madness--...

    Well, we've gotten through another "Selection Sunday" and, in a development that surprised absolutely nobody, there are folks who are unhappy with the output.

    There are really two classes of those that are mad over March Madness. The first group consists of those fans, coaches, administrators, alumni and straphangers of teams that were, in their minds, mis-seeded (is that a word?).