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  • Sports commentary: Return this...

     Jamie the Mailman keeps telling me that he wants to see a BCS championship game featuring Boise State and Texas Christian (TCU).

    One of the great things about this job is that I can use this space to publicly point out how wrong Jamie the Mailman is.

  • Sports commentary: Disjointed

     Our high school sports run in parallel universes.

    And, by definition, items that run in parallel neither cross nor touch.

  • Sports Commentary: Series picks

     You’ve got to cheer for some team in the World Series.  It’s the American way.

    This year, I face a quandary in trying to pick a team:  I like ‘em both.

  • Commentary: The hostess with...

     Brett Favre’s name is being dragged through the muck these days.  Surprisingly, it has little to do with his propensity to throw interceptions at the most inopportune times.

    Nor does it have to do with yet another Hamlet-like waffling over his career options.

  • Sports commentary: Carping on...

     Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up for John Goss!


    John Goss.  He was recently named as our Asian Carp Czar.

  • Sports commentary: Role models

     Being well-rested from my vacation, I should be in a great mood.  

    The fact that I didn’t return from the beach bearing any resemblance to a bronzed god, however, has given me a case of the grumps.

  • JF heads back into fray

    By Mike Forster

        Is this just what the doctor ordered?
        Jefferson Forest limped into last week’s bye weekend holding on to an 0-3 record.
        While some are panicked over the early lack of success, it is not without precedent.
        In fact, the Cavs opened the 2005 campaign by dropping three straight.
        They also went 0-3 to start the 2000 campaign.

  • Clash of the titans: Amherst at...

        Oh, yeah.
        Could a better scenario unfold than that which is doing so right here in Bedford?
        The Minutemen play this Friday night in what may well shape up to be Liberty’s Game of the Century.
        Considering this century is only ten years old, that’s not hyperbole.
        And what is the cause of the excitement?
        Why, none other than the imminent arrival of the Amherst Lancers.

  • The Water Bowl: River vs. River

         Talk about your wild and wet adventures.  All this one needs is rain.
        James River heads down from Buchanan to face Staunton River this Friday, at 7 p.m.
        Last year, Staunton River prevailed, as James River became the second victim of an eventual five- game Golden Eagle win streak.
        Will history repeat?
        That will likely depend on Staunton River’s ability to thwart a highly regarded Knight attack.

  • JF claims Seminole golf title

        Jefferson Forest High School coach Ray Davidson has high expectations for senior golfer George McDaniel.
        “He is a fantastic golfer,” Davidson said. “We expect him to go low every time.”
        Monday wasn’t any different as McDaniel led the Cavaliers to the Seminole District tournament title.