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  • Good golly, Miss Volley


    By Mike Forster



    You may recall your high school logic course.  In it, you learned such logical axioms as:  "If a is greater than b, and b is greater than c, than a is greater than c."

    Yes, well, this article is about Seminole District volleyball, so you can forget all about all those fancy-pants axioms and what-not.

  • JF makes things hot for Red...


    They've grounded Eagles, swatted Bees and shot down Comets.

    They've beaten up on Pioneers, Raiders, Knights and Lancers.

    Their latest test came against Old Scratch, himself.  And Jefferson Forest was more than up for the task as the Cavs exorcised the Red Devils from their own stadium at Rustburg.

    JF topped the Rusties, 49-20, in improving to 8-0, overall, and 4-0 in the Seminole District.

  • Minutemen win a beaut over...


    On the big stage, the Minutemen proved they are big time.

    The knock on Liberty is that the team hadn't yet won in a "big-game" environment.

    They have now.

  • sports commentary: Alma mutter


    I apologize for my alma mater.  Only one of them.

    While I received my MBA from the University of Minnesota, I got my bachelor's degree from Cornell University.

    I often cite Minnesota in this column because I often write about football and basketball issues, sports in which the Gophers are (arguably) competitive.

    I rarely mention Cornell because it excels in sports such as fencing, crew and squash, sports that have a less robust following in these parts.  (And, no, I never fenced, crewed nor squashed.)

  • Cavs dominate, once again


    Put Turner Ashby in the amen corner of Jefferson Forest football.

    The Knights became believers in the Cav prowess when the lads from Forest rolled into  Bridgewater, got loosened up and promptly put a pasting on the Ashbyites.

    When all was said and done, the Cavs got back onto their buses with the satisfaction of a 62-6 victory.

  • Sports Commentary: Intangibles


    Similar to almost every sports columnist across the fruited plain, I'll give you my sense of the World Series.

    And, similar to almost every other one of those jamokes, I'll analyze it in terms of offense, pitching, defense, coaching and intangibles.

    Here goes.

    Offense.  Blah, blah, blah.  Edge:  Royals.

    Pitching.  Yada, yada, yada.  Edge:  Giants.

    Defense.  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Edge:  Royals.

  • County champs want more


    The State of Virginia is composed of 95 counties.  Jefferson Forest was crowned the champs of one of those counties this past Monday.

    Soon, the black and red will see if it can nab the crown which covers the other 94.

    Bedford County's championship meet was held at Wolf Branch Farm, the first in a succession of events at the showplace of local cross country.  Jefferson Forest's army of runners took the county crown with ease at its home course.

  • Colonels cross River


    Derision was snorted.  Mockery was in full bloom.  Folks asked, "Did he really say that?"

    Such was the state of things in Roanoke when Bobby Martin declared that his William Fleming team had the talent to make a run for a State title.

    What?  The William Fleming team which had won  three games last year?  The team which had managed a total of three wins (and all against the same opponent) during the three previous years?

    Yeah.  That one.

  • Sports commentary: The Un-Help


    There's plenty heading your way over which to worry.

    What will you wear for Halloween?  How are you going to rake up all those leaves?  When do you start your Christmas shopping?  When might any of our latest national crises come knockin' at your door?

    But, at least you don't work for ESPN.  The good folks who  man the offices in Bristol, Connecticut have way bigger worries than you.

  • Football: River gets a trip to...


    Staunton River carries a certain distinction:  It is the only team in the state to play three teams named for cats who carry the first name of William.  First, the Eagles took on William Campbell.  And hot on the heels of their game with William Byrd, they get William Fleming.

    What, was will.i.am not available?

    This week's batch of Billies, however, should prove to be the toughest of them all.  The Eagles head to Roanoke to take on big, bad William Fleming.