Today's Sports

  • Lady Eagles top Liberty

        Whatever the opposite of the Easter Bunny is, Emily Hillman played that role against the Liberty girls’ soccer team.
        The Staunton River speedster was the difference-maker in the Lady Eagles’ 1-0 win over Liberty.
        Not only did she score the winning goal, Hillman was a dynamic force:  Call her Hurricane Hillman.
        She left bodies in her wake as she danced, drove, deeked, dove, diced, dynamited and duked her way around the pitch.

  • The (really) big hurt

        History is rife with trouncings.
        -At the Battle of Agincourt, some estimates have French casualties numbering 100 times greater than those of Henry V’s English army.
        -George Washington won the election of 1792 with 100% of the vote.
        -In 1996, Bernard Hopkins knocked out Steven Frank in a super-middleweight title bout in 15 seconds.
        -Last week, Jefferson Forest’s softball team beat Heritage, 25-3.

  • Flexing some muscle

        It’s way too early to be thinking about the post-season.
        But, it’s certainly not premature to be talking about who is shaping up as powerhouse teams in local softball.
        One of the first teams mentioned in such a dialogue would have to be the Liberty Lady Minutemen.
        Last week, the Belles took care of always powerful Rustburg before heading to the premier Botetourt Bash, where they did some bashing of their own.

  • Sports commentary: No April fool


    Ah, April Fools.  ‘Tis a day designated for trickery and tomfoolery.  It’s the one day of the year we get a free pass on pulling the wool over the eyes of our fellow humans.

    That is, unless you happen to work for the Bedford Bulletin.

    The boss, citing such trite phrases as “journalistic integrity,” “telling the truth” and “I’ll fire your fanny if you go through with this cockamamie scheme of yours,” put the kibosh on my brilliant idea.

  • Lady Cavs seek repeat


    It’s tough when the act you have to follow is yourself.

    The Jefferson Forest girls’ soccer team, the crew that stormed its way to the State 4A finals last year, faces a tall order in trying to match that feat.

    In will be especially daunting, given the quality of the players which have moved on via graduation.  For starters, the Lady Cavs lost the Gatorade National Player of the Year in Katie Cousins.  Ouch!

    Also taking her sheepskin was all-time (boys and girls) school scoring leader Cassidy Ratliff.  Owee!

  • Sports commentary: Welcome to...


    As February is the worst time of the year for sports, the end of March/start of April is among the best.

    Just as the NCAA basketball tournaments will be hitting full stride, baseball’s Opening Day will kick into gear.  And you’ll get the big NASCAR race at Martins-ville, to boot.

    This time of year is rivaled only by October, with its full slate of college and NFL games plus the MLB playoffs.

    So, enjoy Mar-pril!  February will be here soon enough.

  • Room to grow

    By Mike Forster

        Is this the year it all comes together for the Liberty boys soccer crew?

  • sports commentary: Don't...

        Rule #1 for sports journalists is not to be a part of the story.
        There are other rules, such as being accurate, being fair and being thorough.
        But, you don’t want to be a part of the story.  That means you don’t want to impact the game in any way.

  • Even better?

        Two years ago, they were upstarts.
        Last year, they were unsurprisingly good.
        This year, they should be beasts.
        The Staunton River baseball team hopes to improve on last year’s historical season by being a major force when late May  rolls around.  Until then, they hope to hone a team that seems to have all of the pieces in place.

  • Sports commentary: Elasticity

        In economics, there’s a term called demand elasticity.    Basically, this term is used to measure the change in demand for an item in response to the change in its price.
        When demand drops significantly with a slight change in an item’s price, there is said to be great demand elasticity.
        Similarly, when demand stays strong even in the face of a significant increase in price, that item is said to have low demand elasticity or to be inelastic.