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  • Sports commentary: Bills and...


    Folks around here don't hesitate to show pride in their teams.  Whether it be at the  high school, college or professional level, these teams get plenty of love.

    And that love comes in many forms.  Certainly game attendance is one of them.  As is watching them on the telly.  Adorning one's vehicle with flags, stickers and magnets depicting a team's (or teams') logo(s) is yet another.

  • Give 'em a "Ten"


    For three quarters, JF and Liberty played a classic.

    But, the saying isn't, "It was 

    36 minutes for the ages," it's "It was a game for the ages."

    This one nearly was.

    In the end, however, it was the machine that is the Jefferson Forest offense which drove the visitors to a 49-27 victory.

  • Sports commentary: Trophy...


    Well, we're heading into mid-November.  This is the time of year for leaf rakin', turkey eatin' and Heisman talkin'.

    That's right.  It won't be long before some young man heads to the podium to collect the second coolest-looking trophies in all of sports (after the Stanley Cup).

    Prior to the start of the season, I took up a friendly challenge from my nephew, Sean.  We each picked five players who we thought had the best shot at winning the Heisman.

  • Still perfect


    Midway through the first quarter, the Jefferson Forest offense had gained a total of 33 yards.

    Yet, the Cavs held a 21-point lead over E.C. Glass.

    That was but one oddity during an appropriately-themed Halloween night game, won by JF, 55-14.

    The three touchdowns were fueled by three events not directly related to the JF offensive unit.

    -After a three-and-out to open the game, Glass muffed a punt attempt.  JF took over on the 11 yard line and scored two plays later on a Jason Ayers QB sneak.

  • Sports commentary: Don't...


    Please, folks.  Can we all take a breath?  This is not the end of days.

    Of course, I speak to the panic which seems to have gripped anyone who is a fan of teams such as Notre Dame, Ohio State and Alabama.

    These are among the teams which are on the bubble of the inaugural NCAA football playoff slate.

  • Cross country county


    There is strength in unity.

    That was shown with crystal clarity on Wednesday at Wolf Branch Farm.

    The Jefferson Forest, Liberty and Staunton River cross country teams came together to sweep the County, City, County, County Cross County Classic (or the 7C's).  The entities represented:  Bedford County, Campbell County, Nelson and Amherst Counties and Lynchburg City.

    Bedford County athletes made a romp of it.

    Girls team scores

  • Good golly, Miss Volley


    By Mike Forster



    You may recall your high school logic course.  In it, you learned such logical axioms as:  "If a is greater than b, and b is greater than c, than a is greater than c."

    Yes, well, this article is about Seminole District volleyball, so you can forget all about all those fancy-pants axioms and what-not.

  • JF makes things hot for Red...


    They've grounded Eagles, swatted Bees and shot down Comets.

    They've beaten up on Pioneers, Raiders, Knights and Lancers.

    Their latest test came against Old Scratch, himself.  And Jefferson Forest was more than up for the task as the Cavs exorcised the Red Devils from their own stadium at Rustburg.

    JF topped the Rusties, 49-20, in improving to 8-0, overall, and 4-0 in the Seminole District.

  • Minutemen win a beaut over...


    On the big stage, the Minutemen proved they are big time.

    The knock on Liberty is that the team hadn't yet won in a "big-game" environment.

    They have now.

  • sports commentary: Alma mutter


    I apologize for my alma mater.  Only one of them.

    While I received my MBA from the University of Minnesota, I got my bachelor's degree from Cornell University.

    I often cite Minnesota in this column because I often write about football and basketball issues, sports in which the Gophers are (arguably) competitive.

    I rarely mention Cornell because it excels in sports such as fencing, crew and squash, sports that have a less robust following in these parts.  (And, no, I never fenced, crewed nor squashed.)