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  • From Rust-bust to soup-whoop


    These country boys can play some roundball.

    Last weekend, four schools got together for a basketball tourney at Rustburg:  the host school, Staunton River, Buckingham County and William Campbell.

    While those schools may well have four of the best Future Farmers of America programs in the state, they showed that there are some barn-mounted hoops that have been getting a workout.

    While Rustburg took the top prize, Staunton River showed that it has fire in the belly and can be a force this season.

  • Sports commentary: Holiday hoops


    The NBA:  Scrooge or Grinch?

    Or something else?

    The National Basketball Association has five games scheduled for Christmas Day.  The slate runs end-to-end from noon until the wee hours.  Two games will be carried by ABC, two by TNT and one by ESPN.

    I've written before about how wrong it is of the NBA to besmirch Christmas Day by holding and broadcasting these games on that day.

    The purpose of this column is to refute that judgment.

  • Liberty men fall, ladies roll at...


    One Liberty team picked up a moral victory.  The other picked up a plain, old win.

    Such were the results of Saturday afternoon tilts at the Beacon Classic, held at E.C. Glass.

    The Liberty boys and girls basketball teams continued along their divergent paths this season.

    In a pair of partially concurrent games, the Lady Minutemen topped Appomattox, 61-33, to stay unbeaten, at 4-0.  Meanwhile, the M-Men were being bested by Tunstall, 56-55, to remain winless, at 0-5.

  • Meet Liberty High's HOF...


    On the weekend of Jan. 9, Liberty High School will formally induct its second class into the school's hall of fame.

    The group of eight inductees will include  six athletes and two coaches.

    Over the next couple of issues, the Bedford Bulletin will provide brief descriptions of the members of this group of Liberty standouts.

    This week, we tell you about two of them.

    Raymond "Peanut" Arrington III, basketball, LHS Class of 1998.

  • Sports commentary: This is the...


    "This is the year!" I stated, both inaccurately and a bit too loudly.

    "The year for what?" asked the wife.

    "The year my Cubs win it all," I bellowed.

    The inaccuracy, as my beloved pointed out, is that 2014 has already passed relative to the baseball season.  As things turned out, 2014 was the Giants' year.

    But, 2015 is certainly going to be the year all of this talk of goats and curses and 1908 and Bartmans comes to an end.

  • Liberty boys: Hello, new friend


    Liberty's new boys' basketball head coach Hank Luton is well aware of the school's basketball pedigree.

    He wants to add to it, in fact.

    Luton (pronounced as the first two syllables in the word "lieutenant") has eagerly embraced his role as the captain of the ship.  Where he'll steer that ship, of course, is yet to be determined.  He'll be ably helped in that task by assistant coaches David Williams (who coached with Luton at Salem last year) and Justin Hayden (who was on the Liberty staff).

  • Nailing it


    As this is the season of giving, I'm more than happy to give something to you, valued reader.

    Oh, it's nothing that comes wrapped in shiny paper with a bow affixed to its top.

    But it is, nonetheless, quite valuable.  At least I believe it is.  It is the gift of unsolicited advice.

    To the point, it is unsolicited advice on what to add to your Christmas shopping list.


    Yes.  If you happen to have an athlete on your shopping list, I urge you to buy him or her a pair of flip-flops.

  • Chins up, lads: That was an...


    By my count, there is a total of  about 100 people who  had any inkling that the Jefferson Forest football team would have as fine a season as the one just ended.

    I get that number from a count of the players and coaches on the team.  Outside of that small group, I really don't see anybody.

    Heck, I picked the Cavs to finish in fourth place in the Seminole District.  And I bumped them from my original spot of seventh only after seeing them in a scrimmage.

  • Sports Commentary: Army-Navy...


    Although it doesn't take place until ten days from now, it's not too early to write my favorite column of the year:  The one directed at the Army-Navy game.

    Folks in these parts point to UVa-Virginia Tech as the big rivalry game.  And rightly so.  But, since I attended neither school, I don't have a dog in that fight.  That is, I can make lighthearted fun of neither of those schools.

  • Sports commentary: T-Giving...


    Ah, the big day is nearly here.

    Thanksgiving is truly one of the great holidays.  It is a  day to load up on great food and then waddle your Tryptophan-laden self to the couch to catch some football.

    Yeah, turkey and football go with Thanksgiving like candy canes and creches go with Christmas.

    Or do they?