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  • County clash a' comin'


    Two teams with a lot in common will square off this Friday evening, when Jefferson Forest drops by Moneta for a bout with Staunton River.

    Sure, there are the obvious points of commonality:  both are Bedford teams, both have black as their primary uniform color, both schools' names resonate with nature (woods and streams).

  • Next up: Liberty heads to...


    Over the past few years, Liberty has had a relatively easy go in its second week of the season.

    In fact, over the past six years, the Minutemen were able to ring up big scores against teams with a combined record of 17-45.

    During that stretch, the only playoff team the M-Men faced was Staunton River, in 2011.

    During two seasons, they faced teams in that second week which would go on to post exactly zero wins for the season.

    Those days, it seems, are gone.

  • Ladies hit the hardwoods


    The guys may own Friday nights.  But Tuesdays and Thursdays?  They're ladies' nights.

    Those are the two predominant evenings for catching local volleyball.  All three high schools kicked off their regular seasons last week, with Staunton River hosting Liberty in a clash of county rivals.

    Jefferson Forest, meanwhile, took on a pair of Blue Ridge District powerhouses.

    The bottom line:  It's still too early to tell what we've got on the hardwoods.

  • Sports commentary: What's...


    Serious topics merit serious action.  And discussion.

    Lately, things seem to be getting fired up about the Washington Redskins.  

    The debate isn't whether the team has the right pieces in place to make the playoffs (it does).

    Nor is it about whether last year's sensation, RG III, will be pushed into action prematurely (I certainly hope not).

    The controversy is over the team's name.  Now, this issue erupts every so often.  Now, on the cusp of the season, it has arisen once more.

  • Sports commentary: A real bummer


    My summer is over.

    At least, my summer as it relates to Major League Baseball is done.

    I blame Neal Huntington and Clint Hurdle.  They are the general manager and manager (respectively) of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

    With my Cubbies swirling the drain, I have been pulling for the Pittsburghers to take the NL Central.  Of course, any of the other teams in that division are preferable to the hated Cardinals of St. Louis.

  • Commentary: Welcome back


    It would appear that the Steroids Era is back from the grave.  

    But absent the fun that came with it.

    The Milwaukee Brewers' Ryan Braun seems to be the latest Major League ball player who couldn't resist steroids' siren call.

    These days, big-name players are getting hit with big-time penalties.  Braun will sit out a 65-game stint, making him useless to the Brewers for the rest of the season.

  • Sports commentary: Happy state


    I love Virginia.

    I've lived in seven states and another country.  I've been to roughly 40 states and 20 countries.

    Virginia tops them all.  I think it is nearly the perfect place to live.  

    I could use this column to write a love note to the commonwealth, singing of its many, many virtues and attractions.

    But we have a tourism board to take care of that.

  • End of the line for Islanders


    Martin and Dan conspired against them.

    That is, Martinsville provided the ball team.  Danville provided the venues.

    And Big Island's Post 217 American Legion team now finds itself with time on its collective hands.

    The Islanders made it close.  But, in the end, they didn't have the ponies to pull off a district crown.  They lost their opener in heartbreaking fashion, came back to dominate game two, then ran out of gas in game three.

  • Sports commentary: Los gordos

    The news has been heavy lately. As in fat.
    Two items that have recently hit the national conscience involve weighty matters.
    The first is that the United States is no longer the fattest nation on earth. Mexico, of all countries, has supplanted us as the country with the greatest percentage of its people falling into the obese category.
    Or should I say that Mexico now has the largest percentage of ill people. That's because the second news item tells us that the American Medical Association (AMA) has deemed obesity to be a disease.
    More on that later.

  • Post 217 in the mix


    What makes a cadet a Keydet?  Obviously, including a "K." 

    Nobody seems to understand that better than Jason Stafford.

    The big right-hander, back home after his first year at Virginia Military Institute, showed his fondness for being a VMI Keydet (with a capital K) by tossing eight strikeouts in Big Island Post 217's 4-3 win over Danville Post 325.  Stafford went the whole nine innings for the Islanders.