Today's Sports

  • Winning one for Coach

    By Mike Forster

        What’s better than having a track meet named after you?
        How about having your team reign victorious in said meet?
        The Staunton River boys’ track team did just that on Saturday, winning the Joe Curcio Track Classic, held at Lynchburg College.

  • First bump in the road

        Staunton River’s baseball team lost to Lord Botetourt on Friday night, 8-7.  Hey, even the Harlem Globetrotters take it on the chin every now and then.
        The Golden Eagles (9-1) saw their perfect record pick up its first nick, as Lord Bot scored all its runs via the long ball.  Of special pain was a three-run homer in the bottom of the ninth, which gave the Bots the win.
        Chance Henry (twice), Matt Henderlite and Alex Snyder did all of the damage for the Bots.

  • Sports commentary: Derby Day

        The upcoming weekend is a big one for those of you who might be Kentucky natives.
        No.  It’s not the weekend in which the Kentucky Wildcats introduce the latest crop of basketball players:  Those who will play in the Bluegrass for a year before landing in the greengrass of the NBA.
        It’s a big weekend because it’s Derby time.

  • Jefferson Forest rings Liberty...

        Liberty High School was the place to be Friday night.
        The school was the site of a three-pronged invasion from Jefferson Forest, including girls soccer (see story below), baseball and softball.
        It was a good night, if you happen to be a fan of the red and black.  We at the Bedford Bulletin, of course, were pulling for tie scores, given they were all county teams.  Or, we’d take a split:  two wins apiece.
        What we saw was an old fashioned skunking.

  • Sports commentary: Sweet and...

        First, a gripe.  Then, we can discuss less dreary topics.
        Bedford County high schools will conduct their graduation ceremonies on May 23.  That’s less than six weeks away.
        State high school spring sports championships will wrap up on June 13.
        I believe something is backwards here. 

  • Bounce back

        Call them resilient.
        Liberty’s baseball and softball teams showed that they don’t quit, even when things are not going their way.
        That was on display last week, when both teams began on a low note but brought it home in fine fashion by week’s end.

  • Sports commentary: Hall of Shame

        Which esteemed hall contains more rogues and rascals:  the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the Basketball Hall of Fame?
        While the former contains the likes of Alice Cooper, the Beastie Boys and The Clash, a recent inductee to the latter might have you scratching your head.
        As a wrap-up to the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, the hoops HOF announced its most recent electees for membership.

  • sports Commentary: Grumpy...

        As the editor of the Bedford Bulletin’s sports pages, I strive to deliver a quality product.  That quality is defined by proper use of the English language.             “Ah,” you might mutter.  “Isn’t it game scores you should be focused on?”
        To which I’d respond, “Ha!  You ended that sentence with a preposition.”

  • Lady Eagles top Liberty

        Whatever the opposite of the Easter Bunny is, Emily Hillman played that role against the Liberty girls’ soccer team.
        The Staunton River speedster was the difference-maker in the Lady Eagles’ 1-0 win over Liberty.
        Not only did she score the winning goal, Hillman was a dynamic force:  Call her Hurricane Hillman.
        She left bodies in her wake as she danced, drove, deeked, dove, diced, dynamited and duked her way around the pitch.

  • The (really) big hurt

        History is rife with trouncings.
        -At the Battle of Agincourt, some estimates have French casualties numbering 100 times greater than those of Henry V’s English army.
        -George Washington won the election of 1792 with 100% of the vote.
        -In 1996, Bernard Hopkins knocked out Steven Frank in a super-middleweight title bout in 15 seconds.
        -Last week, Jefferson Forest’s softball team beat Heritage, 25-3.