en With thanksgiving <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The reality of life is always there to teach us that in any given year, we will enjoy both blessing and hardship, triumph and defeats.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Sometimes it is easier to recount the struggles than to focus on the blessings. It can sometimes be easier to focus on the inequities of life and where life doesn&rsquo;t appear to be fair. But the truth is, if we look close enough, we have blessings&mdash;many blessings&mdash;for which to give thanks. Let&#39;s take this season and use it to refocus on the blessings this life offers us.<br /> Whatever they want to call it <p> <br /> <br /> Obama acts correctly on immigration <p> <br /> <br /> <br /> Progressives are heartened by the recent actions of President Barack Obama, who seems to have found his liberal soul again after losses in the historically-low turnout election this year.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Yes, the so-called &ldquo;Republican wave&rdquo; was produced by the lowest voter turnout in America since 1942. That&rsquo;s right: 1942. Google it if you don&rsquo;t believe me.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Essentially, the turnout this year was white, male and Republican.<br /> A grave injustice <p> By Martin Leamy<br /> Reba, Virginia<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;On 13 November 2014, the students, parents and teachers of Thaxton Elementary School suffered a grave injustice.&nbsp;<br /> Spotlight on Agriculture--Virginian’s top industry <p> By Donald E. Lewis<br /> Goode<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;I was an Organic Dairy Farmer starting in 1950. It was in the years when all the chemical fertilizers were well established starting in 1940.<br /> Supporting our local businesses <p> The Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce is encouraging you to shop small on Saturday, November 29.&nbsp; That date is now known as Small Business Saturday&mdash;an opportunity to help small business owners with their most pressing need&mdash;getting more customers.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Our local businesses deserve this attention.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The day encourages people to shop at small businesses on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, one of the largest shopping weekends of the year.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> ‘Democrats’ need to face reality <p> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;It&rsquo;s amazing the way &ldquo;Democratic&rdquo; party hacks so reliably resort to accusations of racism for their own partisan political purposes.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Most of the time they try to say that President Obama&rsquo;s critics are racists. How could anyone oppose the policies of Barack the Magnificent, the glory of whose splendor, like the rising sun, brings light and life to all? They must just hate him because they are racists.<br /> What, exactly, is a ‘unit’ committee? <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;This week, I&rsquo;d wanted to write about the clear signs that national Republicans &ndash; who are about to take over the whole Congress &ndash; are already acting as extremists and abandoning any notion of working with the president. But that subject will wait.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The fact is, I&rsquo;ve been doubled up in laughter-inspired hysterics over the recent actions of Bedford County Republicans. I just couldn&rsquo;t let the subject go without comment.<br />