en There is no triumph of science <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It&rsquo;s always fun to read &ldquo;The Liberal Agenda&rdquo; when Rick Howell writes about the Bible or history. His column, last week, was no exception.<br /> The Va. GOP: Extreme, fanatical, hateful <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; With the Trump virus spreading so much toxicity through the national Republican Party, it&rsquo;s no surprise that much of that is evident in the Virginia GOP.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;It&rsquo;s not surprising, but it&rsquo;s very disappointing. The Virginia Republican Party was brought to prominence in the 1960s by moderates, very unlike the right-wing extremists and religious fanatics so evident today.<br /> Legislation provides a solution <p> By Ed Baine<br /> Senior Vice President<br /> Power Delivery, Dominion Energy.<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;For generations, the power company has had a fairly simple relationship with the communities it serves. Customers expected a few basic things to happen: Keep the lights on. Restore power as quickly as possible after an outage. Provide affordable rates.<br /> Try using Google <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; I was reading Rick Howell&rsquo;s The Liberal Agenda last week and I had to chuckle.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Mr. Howell apparently intensely dislikes&nbsp; Corey&nbsp; Stewart, one of the candidates seeking the Republican nomination to run for the Senate this fall. It seems to go beyond a partisan disagreement. He seems to detest Stewart, and a number of other Republicans, for what they believe.<br /> ‘Trump Christians’ can’t justify their hypocrisy <p> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; After last week&rsquo;s announcement by House Speaker Paul Ryan that he will not seek another term in Congress, it&rsquo;s clear that Republicans know they will suffer a historic defeat at the polls this November.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; It&rsquo;s all because of the mentally unstable and corrupt pretender in the Oval Office whom they have both enabled and embraced. Aside from what he&rsquo;s doing to the country, he&rsquo;s slowly but surely destroying their party, and they have no one to blame but themselves.<br /> Large spending differences separate House and Senate on budget <p> By Senator David Suetterlein<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;The General Assembly returned to Richmond last week to begin a special session and restart the budget process to adopt the Commonwealth&rsquo;s 2018-2020 biennial budget.<br /> Bedford, a place where art is thriving <p> By Wynn Creasy<br /> Bedford<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;I am writing to you on behalf of the many people in Bedford who love the thriving arts community that is here.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;In the 40-odd years since I left Bedford to pursue a career in the arts, and my recent return, so much has changed here. We are so lucky to have a community of so many gifted artists that contribute a great deal to the economy of our small town.<br /> Letters 04/18/18 <p> Preserve the<br /> BCO venue<br /> <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We are residents of Lynchburg and have great interest in seeing the Bedford Orchestra have a facility for their practices and presentations. We have attended every presentation of the Bedford Orchestra for many years. They are an outstanding group with an outstanding director.<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;We understand the school will soon be sold. We do hope the town of Bedford can preserve the auditorium as a concert hall.<br /> <br /> Bobby and Carolyn Hemric<br /> Lynchburg<br /> <br /> When we vote,<br />