Chicken text now goes to supervisors

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By John Barnhart

    Bedford County’s planning commission didn’t chicken out when it came to backyard poultry.    Planning commission members voted unanimously last week to send a zoning ordinance text amendment to the board of supervisors that will allow a homeowner in a residential zone to have up to 18 chickens.
    According to Derrick Noell the debate among the planning commission members was on the number of chickens allowed. He said that some planning commission members were concerned that 18 chickens would be a large number on a small lot and would limit the homeowner’s ability to move the coop around.
    “We finally decided to send it on at 18,” he said.
    Noell noted the supervisors will have the final say on the matter. The supervisors have the legislative prerogative to modify this amendment before approving it.
    The planning commission also sent a revised cell tower ordinance to the supervisors. This revised ordinance will permit taller towers. Noell said taller towers will be required in order to meet the goal of providing 100 percent coverage in Bedford County.
    He also said they decided that it’s better to have a few tall towers rather than a large number of small ones, preventing cell tower proliferation.    
    They also want to have towers located in spots that will allow the towers’ height to be kept to a minimum.
    “If you go over 200 feet, you have to light them,” he said.