Creation Speaks: Wild Game Dinner

03/16/2013 - 4:00pm

Creation Speaks presents Isaiah Blair, a wildlife educator at a Wild Game Dinner Sat March 16 at Goodview Baptist Church, 1057 Grace Ct.(off Goodview Rd.), Goodview, VA 24095. Come see which live, exotic animals he brings with him. (Photo opportunities available.) Bring your favorite wild game dish

(labeled & ready to serve) or other meat dish (ham, chicken, etc.) to share.  Side dishes, desserts & beverages will be provided.  Bring your best mounts (deer, fish, turkey, bobcat, etc.)  to be displayed & prizes awarded according to catagory.  Door prizes for all ages including a great grand prize.  Every attendee needs a ticket:  12 yrs & younger are free, adults $5.  Doors open at 4PM, Dinner at 5:30PM.  More details at goodviewbaptist.org   For advance tickets, call Eastlake at (540)297-0966.  Tickets at the door available on a first come, first served basis.