Honoring Becky O’Conner Wuergler

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Capital Campaign goes over halfway mark

    Last Sunday, December 4 at the Big Otter Mill there was a Memorial Plaque Dedication to Community Leader & Big Otter Mill President Becky O’Conner Wuergler.


    The ceremony was an opportunity to honor Wuergler’s community activism and leadership in Bedford.  A plaque in her memory will be installed at Big Otter Mill. Becky passed away in March of this year.  She was the original President of the Friends of Big Otter Mill and worked diligently for its preservation and served many years on the Bedford County Board of Zoning Appeals, and in other areas for the County.
    County Supervisors Chairman Steve Wilkerson noted that Wuergler “had a shrewd understanding of the linkage between residential growth and the demand for public services and the challenges that paradigm entails.” He said her service on the BZA exemplified her clear and abiding belief in and commitment to community.
    “Her passion and leadership in the restoration of this beautiful historical landmark underscored her understanding of the importance of heritage,” Wilkerson said. 
    At the conclusion of Chairman Wilkerson’s remarks, Friends of Big otter Mill Board President Kristy Milton announced that the Capital Campaign to restore the mill was over the halfway mark thanks to an anonymous donation in the amount of $200,000.
    The total cost to complete the restoration is $400,000, In addition, the Mill has received a designated gift in the amount of $25,000 for construction of a permanent shelter to hold events.
    Anyone wishing to contribute to the campaign can reach out to the Mill website www.bigottermill.com. or by sending a donation to Friends of Big Otter Mill @ PO. Box 294, Bedford, VA 24523.