JF’s Revely Keesee using football as a step towards something greater

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By Rod Short

By: Rod Short
Sports Editor

    Ask people what they did during their final year in high school and you’ll likely find that most will be hard-pressed to come up with a good answer.
    Direct that same question to JF football player Revely Keesee and you might be surprised at how  quick he’ll answer.
    “This time next year, I want to be at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point,” Keesee answered without hesitation.
    That kind of ambition has driven young Keesee to do things to the best of his ability both on and off the field.
    Playing for Jefferson Forest in both the tight end and linebacker positions since his sophomore year, Keesee has used that experience to round out his education and build his resume for later in life.
    In between practicing and playing, he’s also pushed himself to achieve a 4.0 grade average which has placed him in the school’s National Honor Society.
    Along the way, he’s played basketball for JF in the past as well as volunteering for any number of programs at school.
    “I always try to do things to the best of my ability,” he said.
    That showed when he was chosen to participate in Boy’s State, which is among the most respected and selective educational  programs of government instruction  for  U.S. high school students.
    Since its start in 1935, selected participants have learned the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens while learning the structure of city, county and state governments.  
    Notable alumni for this program include nationally known CEO’s, governors, congressmen and senators as well as NASA astronauts and sports figures.
    During his time there, Keesee was elected to several leadership positions by his peers and led them to some noteworthy accomplishments.
    That should prove to be a bonus for the Cavalier football program on the field this coming season. Coming off a season where they finished 8-4 last year, expectations among the Cavalier faithful are running high.
    “Our team was among the best in offense statewide last season, Keesee said, but we were also among the worst in defense.”
    “Coach White has really put an emphasis on improving the defense this off-season,” he continued. “With Coach Doug Jones returning to lead the offense, we’re expecting to be great.”
    Along with his volunteering at the Humane Society and hopes for doing the same at the National D-Day Memorial, Keesee should be as busy off the field as he will be on it while playing for JF this fall.
    It all looks like good steps in the right direction.