A lasting contribution

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LHS students build lockers for new gym

By Tom Wilmoth

    When Liberty High School got its new gymnasium, metal lockers were slated to be placed into the team rooms.

    But the school got something much better.
    Students in Thomas Fox’s advanced drafting class this past year took on the project of building wooden lockers for the rooms--lockers for both the JV and Varsity squads.
    The project took all year long and the lockers are now in place for the upcoming season. But the lockers will last long past that; the students have left behind a legacy that their own children may end up using one day.
    According to Fox the students did much of the work on their own and students went far beyond class time in working to make sure they were ready before they left for the school year.
    “It was a massive undertaking,” Fox said of the project. “It was beyond the scope of normal high school (projects).”
    That project included 16 varsity lockers for both the girls and boys locker rooms, a total of 32. The students also built eight JV lockers for each locker room.
    The project was just one of several projects taken on by the students. In between working on the lockers, the students also work on stage sets for the theatre department.
    “A lot of the kids were more on the drafting side,” he said about his students. But the locker project meant they all had to work on the construction side as well.
    The students designed, built, sanded and stained the lockers. And it was a learning process. “A lot of parts were made again,” Fox said of the work.
    “I think they would say they enjoyed the work,” Fox said of his students.
    Ultimately, Fox said the students knew the parts that made up the lockers better than he did because they worked on them so much.
    Fox figures some 1,500 man hours were put into building the lockers.
    He said the students fulfilled Liberty High School’s motto nicely--”Minutemen Excel, No Exceptions.”
    Fox expects the lockers to still be in use 20 to 25 years down the road.
    “I had kids working during their lunch periods,” Fox said of his students’ commitment to the project.
    Students who worked on the project included: seniors Lukas Hogan, Elijah Mills, Brandon Ruff, Peter Tran, Samuel Hunziker, Eric Simbana and Thomas Spradlin; and juniors Tyler Goard, Bethany Martin, Logan Orange and Seth Wood.