Leading the way — to destruction

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By John Barnhart

    When Rick Howell wrote, last week, that his silly party still leads the way, I stopped and pondered that statement. Leads the way to what? Judging from the fact that the “Democrats” own six years of the most massive deficits America has ever seen, I’d say his silly party is leading the way to destruction. Our national debt is now $17 trillion and President Barack Obama and the “Democrats” are responsible for 70 percent of that. It took us from the end of the Martin Van Buren administration to the end of the George W. Bush administration to reach $10 trillion. It has only taken six years of Barack Obama to boost that total by another $7 trillion. I shudder to think about how high it would now be if the “Democrats” had not lost control of the House.
    One of these days, not many years in the future, the Chinese are going to start getting nervous about our ability to pay our debts and are going to start demanding higher interest rates before they buy any more of our treasury bills.
    Where else is Mr. Howell’s silly party leading us? President Obama’s determination to use executive orders to bypass Congress whenever he can’t get his own way demonstrates where the “Democrats” are leading us. They are leading the way to a future authoritarian government — a government that will retain the form of democracy but not the substance. This is why I put the name of Mr. Howell’s silly party in quotes. The party is democratic in name only.
    I also believe Mr. Howell’s silly party is leading the way to the destruction of our Constitutional rights. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, but “Democrats” have been throwing a hissy fit over the Supreme Court’s decision that a closely held family business does not have to provide employees with medical insurance that covers types of contraception that they consider do-it-yourself abortions. I wonder if  “Democrats”  think about the fact that our military conscription laws have normally provided draft exemptions for people who are members of pacifist churches? Even in times of crisis, we have exempted people from the draft when serving in the armed forces would violate their pacifist moral convictions.
    Mr. Howell asserts that his silly party produced historical figures who can’t be matched by any Republicans. He mentioned FDR, Roosevelt, Truman and the Kennedy brothers. I think Abraham Lincoln was easily a match for, if not superior to, FDR. Ronald Reagan, who ended the Cold War, was certainly a match for Harry Truman. And the Kennedy brothers?  John and Robert Kennedy? Their primary claim to the status of legends is due to being murder victims. JFK, in particular, would not have gone down in history as a great president had he lived. Like our current president, he also proved unable to work with Congress. His legislative agenda was dead in the water, prior to his assassination. Ted Kennedy’s only claim to fame was the courageous act of  saving his own rear end while leaving a young woman to drown in his car after he drove it off a bridge. None of them held a candle to Theodore Roosevelt, portrayed in stone along with Lincoln on Mt. Rushmore.
    By the way, another historic legend portrayed on Mt. Rushmore is Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson, with his firm belief in small government and strict adherence to the Constitution would, if alive today, be quickly purged from today’s “Democratic” Party.
    Now, as far as “silly party” goes, a fourth person portrayed on Mt. Rushmore had a view of political parties that I share. George Washington called political parties “factions” and I have the distinct impression that he disapproved of them. He was not a member of a political party and included people from both of the “factions” that coalesced around Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton.
    It would be nice if we could just get rid of political parties altogether and elect people whose primary concern would be the well being of the Commonwealth and the Republic rather than fighting to make their silly political party king of the hill.