Letter 01/17/2018

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Trump’s record

    I guess I am one of the worst people, according to Rick Howell. He also states that he correctly called “The Great Stupidity of 2016.”
    Apparently Rick Howell is either stupid or brain dead. Our President (Everybody’s American President), the President of our country has turned the economy around in less than a year, lowered the unemployment rate, caused the stock market to have many record highs.
    Apparently Global warming has even changed direction during his term. He was smart enough to release fossil fuels such as coal so we had enough electricity to heat our houses during the recent cold spell that broke all kinds of records. It seems the climate is cyclical and controlled by God, not by people.
    Rick Howell can call our President a clown but the results prove different and the only clown appears to be Rick Howell. Thank God for intelligent people like John Barnhart.

Gilbert H. Nelson