Letter 04/06/16

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Pay him his dues

    I’m not a Trump supporter, however, I’ll listen and pay him his dues. His hypothetical answer on whether a woman should be punished “IF” abortion was illegal; his answer was correct. If it’s against the law to have an abortion a woman should be punished. But it’s not the law.
    Let’s look at it another way, if a woman is caught speeding should she be fined (or punished)? Yes, it’s against the law to speed so yes she should be punished. (Fined). If it’s against the law to perform abortions, the person performing the abortion should be punished, be it a doctor or a shade tree mechanic. But it’s not the law, at least for doctors.
    Finally the left and the right agree on something and wouldn’t you know it…they’re both wrong.

Tommy Crawford