Letters 02/29/12

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Speaking out

    I am and have been a citizen of Bedford County for over 60 years.  I normally try not to get involved in politics and government matters. But this situation with our former County Administrator, Kathleen Guzi, is weighing on my mind, and I feel it is time for me to speak out.
    It is a disgrace that our newly elected supervisors can be influenced  by one or two others who have a personal agenda.  One in particular likes to hear the sound of his own voice and seems to be able to influence his peers whether he is right or wrong.
    And it is a disgrace that  a newly elected supervisor who had been in office a month brought a complaint against the administrator and voted in this process at all.  Both new supervisors should have abstained. 
    I am retired from public service and had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Guzi for only five years.  But during those years I found her to be more than just an employee of the county.  She was someone who actually cared about Bedford.  Contrast that with some of our illustrious supervisors who seem to care only about their own agendas and personal benefits.
    It is time that we, the citizens of Bedford County, take a hard look at who we have elected to run this county.  When supervisors care more about their personal agenda than what is best for the county, it is time to change supervisors, not administrators. 

Ronnie Wuergler

I am the American Flag!

    Republican, Democrat, Tea Party, Libertarian, Liberal and Conservative. I represent all of you and your opinions.
    Baptist, Catholic, Jew, Methodist, Mormon, Muslim and Atheists. I represent you and all your beliefs.
    Every person from every nation, if you legally live here, I represent all of you and your backgrounds.
    Lower, middle and upper class, rich or poor, I represent all of you, your pain, your dreams and your successes.
    I have been shot at, set ablaze, spit on and dragged thru streets. I represent you and your freedom of expression so that you may show your displeasure for me.
    I am the American Flag!
    Since my birth men and women have valiantly defended me and even sacrificed their lives for me.
    I vow to all of you that I will forever fly proudly for you, your opinions, beliefs, backgrounds, successes and overwhelming ability to always be the benchmark for others to admire and to dream of.
    Wherever you decide to display me: at your business, at home on a pole, on a wall, in a window or even on your vehicle and for whatever reason, do so with pride!
    And every day look at me, never let me fray, become tattered or fade, because after all represent more than just you. 
    A few people have said that it’s too expensive to regularly replace and maintain me. Can you look in the faces of families that have lost their fathers, mothers, brothers or sisters who valiantly died in combat for you and me? Show and share your pride with me.
    I Will Always Display My Colors and Belief In You!

Travis W. Overstreet, Sr.- Second Generation Marine Corps
Travis W. Overstreet II – Third Generation Marine Corps
AKA Flag Cops

Thank you

    The Bedford Primary School PTA would like to thank everyone who came out for  our Take Your Family to School Night on February 16. 
    It was a wonderful  event for our teachers and our families!  We would like to offer a special thank you to those business and individuals who made donations for this event: Alicia Schenider, Thirty One Consultant; American National Bank; Backstage; Bedford Bulletin; Bedford Memorial Hospital; Bedford Volunteer  Fire Dept,; Bedford Weaving; Bedford YMCA; Bedford Yoga; Betsy Thomas; Bison Printing; The Bower Center; Department of Forestry; First Citizens Bank; Food  Lion; Frank’s Pizza; Frederic’s Florist; Holdren, Eubank, and Stanley; Ivy Bridge Cafe; Mail  America; McDonald’s; Papa Johns; Peaks of Otter Soil and Water Conservation;  State Farm; Suntrust Bank; Taco Bell; Wal-mart; The Well; Wippledale Farms.  
    Thank you for supporting Bedford Primary School!

Tara Warner
PTA Secretary
Bedford Primary School