Letters 04/18/12

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Stop the

    Please help stop the PD-1 rezoning for “Harmony in Bedford.”
    Please call/contact, or e-mail the members of the Bedford County Board of Supervisors before the April 23 meeting and help stop the PD-1 Rezoning of the farmland located on Pony Acre Rd. and Rt. 460 west, (this is the proposed “Harmony in Bedford” development).
     I’m not asking that we stop all development; I’m just asking that we stop the PD-1 Rezoning. Here’s the problem: Under PD-1, (Planned Development District), all residents will be looking at (366) homes, townhouses and apartments, 40’ tall, on 49 acres, as you drive into or out of Bedford.
    Here’s what the developer can do under the current zoning: without the PD-1 Rezoning, the owner/developer, George Aznavorian and B & A Investors, can already put commercial businesses on the 14 acres of land located within the city limits, and also build nice homes, on large lots, on the land located in the County, (the county land is currently zoned “AR”, Agricultural Residential). Let’s keep Bedford beautiful, protect our mountain views, and stop this mistake from happening.
    This is too much. Would you want this development in your backyard, on your family’s farm? Again, the current zoning of this land can still allow for plenty of growth, still attract commercial, medical and retail clientele, and still bring new jobs and nice homes to Bedford.
    To sign the petition, call Jeff Field at 540-339-2810.

Jeff Field
and lies

    Republicans (R’s) continuously expound distractions, myths, deceptions and outright lies.  They say corporations and the super rich are creating the jobs, but big business is sitting on almost $3 trillion in cash while creating jobs overseas and few at  home.  They say government doesn’t create jobs, but the Obama stimulus created or saved 3 million and would have created more if the R’s had not limited its size.
    If the R’s really cared about debt, why did they create over 90 percent of the one Obama inherited.  Even including Obama’s debt, the R’s are still responsible for two thirds of it.  Not a peep from them when their debt was accumulating.  You might remember that  Clinton had four years of surplus even with the largest tax increase in history.
    R’s say they want small government.  Then why did they explode it under Reagan/Bush II.  What they really want is weak, not small, government to aid their fat-cat buddies.  They want nonexistent free markets and no regulation.  In reality, this scheme has failed miserably causing enormous income inequity, huge market volatility and severe financial crises.  The 1893 Panic, the 1933 Great Depression and the Bush Great Recession were all preceded by laissez-faire conservative polices, deregulation, low taxes and weak government.
    The R’s argue for individual freedom.  They don’t want Nanny government, unless it is to tell you who you can sleep with, who you can marry, whether you can use birth control, when you can die, when human life begins, or what you have to do to have an abortion.  Why is it always R men that want to tell women what they can or can’t do.  If they want to control women’s bodies, maybe they should start with their own.   Do you suppose they don’t know where babies come from.
    Much of R inconsistency is explained by Gordon Hodson’s new study reported on live science.com.  The research finds that “children with low intelligence hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These adults gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies which in turn stress hierarchy and resistance to change”.  Of course anti-intellectual R’s don’t believe much in science.

David McLoughlin

Enjoyed letter

    I thoroughly enjoyed the letter in the March 28 issue of the Bedford Bulletin, by Mr. Franklin in Huddleston, pertaining to Mrs. Kathleen Guzi’s new job in Botetourt Co., and “The Bedford Five”!
    The only things that I can add are: (A) Kathleen, thank you for a job well done while here! We wish you the best and the chance to work with people who don’t leave hidden agendas, while in Botetourt! (B) Bedford County’s loss of a financially aware & “citizenry conscious” administrator is most certainly Botetourt County’s gain, during the difficult courses we have ahead…for a lo-o-o-n-g time, & (C) Come time for future supervisor’s elections, let us hope that “the people” will remember the “self” servancy of “The Bedford Five” and that people who care about our country, the people & the dire need to preserve its Agrarian character  and its environs, step forward  to replace those supervisors whose own hidden agendas are more important than the land we love and the citizenry residing there on!
    May we have supervisors with ethics!

Samuel E. Coffey