Letters 05-15-19

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Information questioned

    I just had the opportunity to watch the Young Republican’s Forum from last week and want to know where the Candidate Captain Miller is getting his information.
    God blessed me with three sons and two of them, thanks to the drugs in our Bedford County Public Schools, two of them have been jailed or in detention because as a working mother I just can’t watch them every second of the day. Parents have to trust the school system and the sheriff’s department.
    I think it’s a shame the current leadership, who brags about how much they are doing, doesn’t know the truth or can’t handle the truth? Sounds to me like the citizens of Bedford County deserve to get their money’s worth. Let’s have someone on the November ticket that will not pretend everything is ok.
    A Republication candidate that will strive to work with teachers and parents to help our children. Join me to start the change with your June 11 vote. 
    Trust me! Pretending the problem doesn’t exist, does not make it so! 

Melissa Wheat

Thank you for your service

    Thank you, Sheriff Brown, for your dedicated 24 years of service to the citizens of Bedford County.
    Mike Miller has served the citizens of Bedford County continually for 35 years. He started his career with the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office in July 1985 as a road deputy. He served as one of the office’s first DARE officers. He worked his way up through the ranks of the sheriff’s office serving as Captain of the Administration Division, overseeing the budget of the sheriff’s office.
    He currently serves as Captain of the Operations Division, which includes the field deputies, animal control, criminal investigations, narcotics investigations, as well as the Sheriff’s Tactical Response Team. Mike knows and understands the citizens and law enforcement needs of a rapidly growing Bedford County.
    I have found Mike to be forward thinking and he has an appreciation for the benefits of establishing community outreach and partnerships. Mike and his team have conducted public safety programs for churches and civic groups all over the county.
    Currently, my husband and I are attending the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office Citizen’s Police Academy. The BCCPA was started in 1998 and is one of the several programs Captain Miller has initiated over the years. The BCCPA has two sessions a year and meets each Tuesday night for 10 weeks. It is an information/education class that informs the public about all the responsibilities of the Bedford County Sheriff’s Office.
    I’m certain all the graduates of the BCCPA over the years will agree with me that attending was a great learning experience.
    The Republican Primary will be held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019. Citizens of Bedford County, I urge you to join my family and cast your vote for candidate Mike Miller. Let’s put him on the November 5, 2019 General Election ballot for the office of Bedford County Sheriff.

Glenna Grove Housman

Thank You
    Boys With A Dream would like to thank the community for supporting our Annual Prayer for Peace, Saturday, April 27 at the Farmer’s Market. The event was a success. Special thanks to Lovely Zion Baptist Church Choir, Sam Garrett, Gunnoe Sausage Co., Rev. Johnson, Rev. Slocum, all the police officers, firefighters and EMT’s that attended.
    Together we’re changing our community for the better  in lasting ways. Your support means the world to us.

Boys With A Dream

Support Robey

    My wife, Carol, and I were privileged to have Mr. Robey spend almost an hour with us on Saturday afternoon. We heartily endorse Kent for Sheriff of Bedford County, Virginia.
    Kent is a fellow Veteran of the US Army. He was an MP stationed in Korea on the DMZ. However, as a native of Bedford County, Kent knows the County as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia. Kent has spent his adult life in Law enforcement, at the local level, state level, and Federal as well.
    We discussed some of his plans and ideas for the Sheriff’s Office and we are quite impressed. His education in Criminal Justice and Public Administration will serve him well as Sheriff.
    We hereby endorse Kent Robey for Bedford County Sheriff.

LTC James Lusk, US Army, Retired
Forest VA

Robey is the right choice

    Born and raised in Bedford county. Served his country and his county. Left for expanded experience , training and education. Candidate for Sheriff. Kent Robey?
    Yes but I was speaking of Mike Brown. I find it ironic that one of the candidates for the Republican nomination has made it an issue in the campaign that they are the only one that has stayed in the county while other candidates were getting experience and training elsewhere.
    He holds up Sheriff Brown as his mentor and friend but then tries to say Robey is not a worthy candidate when he followed the exact path as Sheriff Brown. I urge you to review the resume of the candidates as if you were interviewing them for a job, because you are when you cast your vote June 11. I believe if you do Kent Robey will be the clear choice.

Charity Blankenship

Issue with TDS

    Like many readers of The Bedford Bulletin, I turn to the op-ed page shortly after the mail runs on Thursday.
    After reading John Barnhart’s and Rick Howell’s columns, I go to the letters to the editor, and in last week’s edition found several touting Mike Miller’s qualifications for Bedford County’s next sheriff. I know and respect Captain Miller and wish him well in his bid for this demanding office.
    The letter I found most amusing, however, was William Adams’ “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”  And like  most, I suspect, when I got to: “Considering all presidents ever, number one comes down to Reagan and Trump, and Trump may still edge out Ronnie for the best president . . .” I nearly choked with laughter. That’s when it became clear that Adams was spoofing. No one, not even one who sits glued to Fox and Friends for hours on end, can believe anything but the inevitability of Trump’s ousting. The obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense (remember Richard Nixon the 1970s). Mueller’s investigation and the opinions of over 500 seasoned lawyers leave no doubt this action is necessary. 
    Trump’s lies (over 9,000 have been documented by the press), his hatred of the press, his disrespect for Congress, his gutter language, his disrespect for women, his shoot-from-the-hip-make-it-up-as-you-go leadership must be checked, and will be, by this Congress who understands that oversight of the Executive Branch is a part of its responsibility.  
    We can also thank The Bedford Bulletin for John Barnhart and Rick Howell. As for William Adams, assuming he is for real, a consultation with his physician for a medication change is in order.

Rodney A. Franklin

Can of worms

    The Bedford County School Board opened a needless can of worms with its May 9 vote to reject the Confederate flag ban.
    So now, our schools are left to wrestle day-by-day on a never-ending struggle to assess and referee, not just the Confederate flag, but all manner of symbols. Is a Black Lives Matter tee shirt okay? How about the likeness of Che Guevara? Antifa?
    How simple the solution could have been: eliminate the wearing of all symbols and slogans--except for clothing authorized by a Bedford County School, or by a legitimate, regionally accredited college or university.
    Imagine! Then administrators, teachers, and students could actually get back to the job of teaching and learning--instead of fighting over whose symbol offends whom. Enough.

Donna StClair

Thank you

    On behalf of Historic Avenel’s board of directors we wish to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our 9th. Annual Henry Walton Memorial Derby Day fundraiser. As we work continuously to preserve Avenel while respecting the legacy of our community landmark, we share history in the making by being involved. Your continued support secures the future for Historic Avenel. For this we are grateful. 

Annette Kendall and Melissa Meador
Historic  Avenel Events Chair and Coordinator