Letters 06/22/16

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Is it true?

     Thank God they’ve finally abolished the no texting while driving law! What an inconvenience that’s been.
    And also, the old law about coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. What a couple of silly laws to have. I figured there was just not enough money in it to enforce those two laws, let alone the other stupid laws like headlights on when it is raining or no loud music within 50 feet of a business.
    Silly people, what were you thinking when you made those laws in the first place? How to kill time because you had nothing important to do? The only persons I see enforcing the law are for speeding on Route 460. Must be big money in that.
  I know you’re busy out fighting crime to enforce some laws. Heck, I’d rather get into a good gunfight than pull over a poor texter. I was watching a composite of videos the other day on Facebook of people being killed in the blink of an eye while texting. You know, walking into a street without looking or walking across railroad tracks without looking. What a way to go.
  I watched a man in a pick-up almost hit a motorcycle at the stop light of the old Bedford Hardware,  RIP. I saw he was texting. He just looked up I the nick of time. The motorcyclist stopped in time also, he was not texting.
  Now my major complaint. Depot Street behind the courthouse. How do I know these laws are history? Just watch the people speeding, failing to come to a complete stop at the corner, which is a blindspot. I saw a female sheriff’s deputy last week texting in a sheriffs car..her head looked like one of those bobble toys, up and down, up and down. There’s one deputy that likes to crank up his Harley from the light to the stop sign. Noisy bugger for sure.
    And no I am not jealous, I ride a quiet and dependable motorcycle. I think what bothers me most is around quitting time at the courthouse I see so many women texting as they go by me. CAN’T IT WAIT PEOPLE? Remember when you are being unsafe, everyone around you is being put in harm’s way.
  And one last complaint I promise. The area where law enforcement parks behind the courthouse. Hey you’re professionals! How about not backing up so far that the sidewalk is blocked by the rear of your car. If you’re not sure, get out and look. I have photos if you don’t believe me.

Rod Adams

Thank you

    Thank you, City of Bedford and Boxley Paving for the new and improved Oakwood Ave. And thanks to all the city tax payers too, for their tax dollars. To all of those who use Oakwood Ave., please drive gently on our new avenue.

David Goode