Letters 07/25/12

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Uncivilized behavior

    Earlier last week we received an invitation from Senator Mark Warner’s office to meet him at The Olde Liberty Station Restaurant, in Bedford  on Saturday July 21.
    It is not often that a sitting US Senator, not running for re-election or seeking to raise funds, visits our area to inform his constituents on what is going on in Washington D.C. However,  I could imagine that Senator Mark Warner will think twice before considering coming by again.
    After his introducing comments and opening up the floor for Q & A the meeting was basically hi-jacked by people, clearly of a different persuasion than the Senator’s, who were short on listening to what the Senator had to say but all set up to question the Senator on certain votes and issues.  There is nothing wrong with that, but the way in which it was done was dreadfully disrespectful. The repeated and unmannered interrupting of the Senator’s explanations became very annoying. 
    Unfortunately, the uncivilized behavior reflects the scene of American politics today. The Us and Them in politics, is not good for America. Politics is about compromise, especially in a two-party system, and  I respect Senator Warner for his efforts to work across “the aisle.” 
    I appreciated that Senator Warner was willing to make a stop in Bedford and agree with him that we cannot believe everything we hear/see in the media. I find the non-partisan www.FactCheck.org very helpful to put things in perspective for me.
    As Americans and constituents we can be an inspiration to our elected officials by carefully listening, having a respectful discussion and sending a message to Washington to start working on issues that unite us rather than divide us. That will be good for America.   
Case Pieterman

Rational response

    This is a rational response to Mr. Howell’s recent editorial “Still Think There’s No Global Warming?”. 
    It is obviously true that we are experiencing unusual weather lately but to claim that the recent storms and high temperatures are due to we extreme right-wing fools driving our SUVS is absurd. All normal people are against littering the environment. However, it requires an unbelievable arrogance to suggest that we humans could destroy God’s handy work - even if we intentionally set out to do so.
    Have you noticed the increasing displays of the Northern Lights  around the world? These are caused by the solar flare activity on the sun in the past few weeks which are some of the most intense since scientists have been observing them in the last 150 years.  What a novel idea - the sun might have something to do with the temperature on earth!
    Observing that Mr. Howell utilizes the Bible to back his argument, I suggest he continue reading. A good starting point would be Ecclesiastes 10:2.

Ken Kilgore

    Protective orders provide assistance from the courts to victims of abusive and threatening situations to attempt to prevent further acts or threats of violence. The time commitment of a Preliminary Protective Order (PPO) hearing is unpredictable based on the court schedule. While the court schedule cannot be addressed, citizens of Bedford petitioning for a PPO can prepare their petitions using the Interactive Community Assistance Network (I-CAN!), making the intake process smoother.
    I-CAN! is accessible from the Supreme Court of Virginia’s Web site at: www.courts.state.va.us under the heading “Online Services” located on the sidebar on the left. Users are guided through a series of questions that provide the correct court forms that can then be printed and taken to the appropriate court for filing. This allows users to complete the petition and affidavit at their own pace and better prepares petitioners for the PPO hearing.
    Bedford Domestic Violence Services is committed to the elimination of domestic violence in our community. If you have any questions about the protective order process, the I-CAN! program, or if you or someone you know are facing a domestic violence situation, please call our 24-hour hotline at (540) 587-0970.

Malerie Everhart
Court Advocate
Bedford Domestic Violence Services

What’s up with ‘huge?’

    I would like to know what the obsession with the word “huge” is. I can remember when the only time it was used was to describe the sky, the ocean and the universe. It’s like people get a cheap thrill out of using it as much as possible
    The Webster’s dictionary’s definition is “something of immense bulk, enormous, prodigious.” Try words like big, large, enormous, gigantic — anything but huge all the time. Now if something is small, it’s “not huge.” It is time for this fad to fade away.

Wendall O. Updike

Really, Mr. Howell?

    Okay. I try to be a nice person. But just when I think Rick Howell cannot possibly be any less informed, he surprises me with perhaps his most asinine article yet.
    We have a summer storm with record breaking heat and Rick Howell thinks it proves global warming. Really? You really believe that 30 years ago forest fires, high temps and high winds did not exist? What does last year’s mild summer prove?
    Not only does Mr. Howell say that hot weather during summer proves global warming, but if you dare disagree with his brilliant analysis then you are just a right wing nut. You may also be a religious fanatic who just thinks that Jesus caused it.
    I find it difficult to call him “Mr. Howell” because his views are so very child like. Does he just write words whenever he is feeling emotional about a subject and hope that others will view it as fact? Or perhaps at one time he read books but stopped and now only gets his news from MSNBC and by talking to others who feel the same as he does?
    Leave it to an uneducated liberal to take a natural disaster and try to gain politically from it. What a hack. Please Bedford Bulletin, have somebody write for your paper who can offer a counter point to his ignorance.
    I am going to go back to being nice now.
Jon Davison