Letters 10/25/17

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Unsung heroes

    Behind the scenes of an event such as Bedford Get Together (October 14) are many unsung heroes.  
    Among them are Public Works Director D.W. Lawhorne and his entire crew.   From the inception of the idea for this event--designed to celebrate our community’s values--throughout the planning phases over the summer and fall, to the event set up and break down, the Bedford Get Together Planning Group was fortunate to have the unwavering support of the Town of Bedford and its Public Works Department.  
    These hard working folks not only hauled stages, bleachers, picnic tables, trash cans, and other equipment to and from the site, they also made many lasting improvements to the local  jewel that is Edmund Street Park:  they installed lights in the pavilion, mulched the playground, and cleaned up the surrounding areas. 
    We thank and salute them all, and we pledge our Planning Group’s commitment to helping them continue to make Edmund Street Park even more beautiful and user-friendly than it already is.

Patrick Ellis and Julie Stanley
Bedford Get Together Planning Group

Dear Poor Rick Howell

    At first I thought maybe he had run out of words condemning that guy who had kept his Saint Hillary out of the White House, may we forever be grateful, and now it’s religion, whose believers, too often, vote the wrong way. Tsk, Tsk.
    As a religious person who just happens to “think clearly” as you put it, I am aware that God created that universe science tells about, however many centuries, or billions of years He did so by His time and whatever versions he thought we might understand.
    I also believe He created every one of the trillions times quadrillions times quintillions of various particles and all the physics and chemistry laws, etc. He devised too, at His timetable, to create His humanity.
    And, by the way, I also believe that the primary control of our climate is that star He chose to be our sun and I believe math tells me it is 1,300,000 times the size of “our” planet and science tells us this earth has been too hot and too cold several times before we came into being. Now who’s causing the arctic on Mars to shrink.

Bob Terry,

Vote for Tuck

    On November 7 I will vote for Edgar Tuck to be the Second District Supervisor on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors.
    Edgar is a life-long resident of Bedford County and the fourth generation on the Tuck Farm.  He and his family are active in the community and highly supportive of the agri-business in the county.  He and his family have voluntarily placed the approximate 600 acres of their farm into a perpetual preservation through the Virginia Outdoors Association to help protect the rural character and beauty of Bedford County.  His father was on the School Board for 20 years and Edgar is on the Bedford Library Foundation Board.  Edgar is a member of Radford Baptist Church and has played piano for the services for 40 years – since age 11.
    After graduation from Staunton River High School he attended JMU and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.  He received recognition for leadership skills at both SRHS and JMU.  He is employed as a mortgage manager.  This training and employment provide the background needed to understand and guide the finances and budget aspects of running the county. 
    He believes in low taxes and believes business growth in the county is the best way to do that.  There are numerous business parks in the county sitting idle.  A carefully developed program to attract business to the county will help keep taxes low and offer meaningful employment opportunities for the citizens of the county.  Giving people the opportunity to live, work and enjoy Bedford County is his goal. 
    To attract businesses to Bedford County takes more than low taxes.  There must be the proper infrastructure, good schools and ready workforce.  Edgar supports the county-wide comprehensive study to plan and to implement county-wide broad-band internet services as soon as possible. 
    He wants to encourage the growth in vocational training in the school system both for improved job opportunities for high school graduates and to create a ready workforce to help attract businesses to come to Bedford County.  He plans to meet with the Superintendent and members of the School Board to discuss this program and possible use of vacant school facilities to get it started.
    Robust fire and rescue services are of prime concern and he believes we must be prepared for paid staff if necessary.  However, he plans to seek incentives to relieve some of the training and expense burdens on our valued volunteers and these burdens are hurting recruitment.
    Edgar has personally seen, in his work, the negative effect the current Shoreline Management Plan and AEP permitting process is having on property transfers. He believes AEP is usurping duties and responsibilities of the county governments around Smith Mountain and Leesville lakes.  He believes the counties should take on structure and administration of a Shoreline Management Plan rather than a private corporation.  This is an issue very important to all landowners along the shore of the lakes.
    Because of his history and long family ties to Bedford County, Edgar is passionate about his love for and the well-being of Bedford County.  For all these reasons I will vote for Edgar Tuck for Supervisor and hope you will join me.

Chuck Neudorfer
Smith Mountain Lake
Supports Tuck
    Someone, anyone...please give me a good reason to vote for a local Board of Supervisor member who has to hang his hat on his party affiliation.   
    For my Bedford County District 2 Friends;  please vote for Edgar (Pedro) Tuck to represent you on the Board of Supervisors.  He’s local, he’s already a part of your community, he’s got Bedford County values and he’ll work for you and not just for an ideology.

John P. Messier
Bedford County

Endorses Hill

    The Bedford County Education Association (BCEA) is pleased to endorse candidate Marcus Hill for District 4 School Board.  We believe that Candidate Hill is the most qualified to represent and advocate for educators and staff in Bedford County. 
    The BCEA feels it is important to elect supporters of public education at the local level who will work alongside the School Board and Board of Supervisors to move Bedford County forward.  Mr. Hill notes that “communication and participation are important” between the School Board and Board of Supervisors.  
    As a parent of children in Bedford County Public Schools Mr. Hill realizes the importance of working to move Bedford County forward.  Mr. Hill places teachers, students and technology at the top of his agenda list.  He knows that BCPS needs to invest in their most important assets, their staff. 
    Mr. Hill is aware and concerned about the disparity between teacher salary in our area as compared to surrounding school districts. He would like to close the wage gap that would attract and retain teaching professionals, as well as address the issue of overcrowded schools.  
    Marcus Hill stands with the BCEA in agreement about the issues that educators in Bedford County need to accomplish their goals and the BCEA fully endorses Mr. Hill.  We urge you to vote in the November 7th election to help make Bedford County a better place to live and learn.

Crystal DeLong
BCEA President

Endorses Tuck

    I would like to take a minute of your time on the candidate running for board of supervisors for District 2.
    I have known Edgar (Pedro) Tuck my whole life, so I feel qualified to share a little about him.
    Why Edgar Tuck is your man district 2:
    1. God fearing man – Church is not only on Sunday but all of the time. Edgar has been in church from a child. He has never wavered, still in the same church he was raised in. He holds positions that few others are qualified for. He leads worship service with his talents of music, which he considers a gift from God.
    2. Farmer – I put this second because of how he enjoys farming to let you know how our property will be important to him. He was taught by his father how to bear fruit from the land and livestock. With lots of sacrifices but, joy in taking care of the abundance God has given us.
    3. Business man – Edgar has been banking for years. Has held positions to oversee many branches. He has made sure with all of his power to see that young couples to the old have been able to achieve their dreams.
    Not ever has Edgar achieved these things for his benefit, but for the joy of others and the Lord. He has worked diligently this way for family, friends and his Heavenly Father. He does not make rash decisions in the heat of the moment but, always prayerful in his decisions.
    No one should even question who would represent your district with the best and most faithful consideration. He is Pedro, faithful and true.
    So everyone get out and vote for Edgar (Pedro) Tuck, in district 2. He has your best interest at heart. God, family, our land and to top it off, he is a very good business man!

Lisa Pollard
Bedford County