Letters to the editor

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Get the right man in

The race for Sheriff of Bedford County has become an interesting event to watch. The incumbent is facing a surprisingly popular "Anybody but Brown" backlash. Mr. Green came out first attempting to capitalize on this negative phenomenon. He appeared, in the beginning, to be making some headway. Of late, the other candidate, Darryl Updike has turned up his efforts considerably. His sensible and positive campaign has gained him respect across political party lines and his support is increasing.

There are several reasons for this spread of Mr. Updike's influence. The first is the political ad written by Mr. Updike that appeared in the Bullet. It highlighted his 24 years of police experience and the complete absence of any police experience by Mr. Green. Mr. Green is depending on his military record for votes and it does look impressive to anyone that has never been in the armed services. However, the truth is, most of the training and knowledge Mr. Green lists in his brochure is what many retired members of modern day armed forces claim as well.

Another reason would be Mr. Green's shocking behavior at the 9-11 Prayer Breakfast. He was there in his military uniform, which was proper as he was part of the color guard. The point at which Mr. Green overstepped the bounds of propriety came when he began introducing himself to people there as a candidate for Sheriff. He was absolutely wrong to be campaigning while in uniform and what was even worse, in a moral sense, to be using that somber occasion to promote himself. There is no way he could ever justify his tactless conduct, poor judgment and insensitivity. ...

I am proud to report that Mr. Updike has financed his entire campaign with his own money and from donations from Bedford City and County residents. The other two candidates cannot make this claim. According to records at the Registrar's office, Mr. Brown has received thousands of dollars from places as far away as California and Mr. Green has obtained money from outside of the county as well. What this tells me is that Mr. Updike will be accountable to the citizens of Bedford and not to outside special interest groups. Once again, I leave it to you to come to your conclusions.

Like many of you, I once bought into the "Anybody but Brown" philosophy. It is certainly important to get the wrong man out, but it is more important to get the right man in. I encourage everyone to vote and to vote for Updike for Sheriff.

Mary Miles


When will it end?

Erik Estrada plans to be in Bedford from 11-3 to 11-6 to help Sheriff Brown's re-election campaign. For you who don't know Mr. Estrada, he was popular on the "Chips" TV series. I understand that he has been to Bedford County several times, including Aug. 28 for a campaign fund raiser for Sheriff Brown at Moneta. This is the one that promoted champagne, beer, and wine.

Mr. Estrada has also appeared on the "Surreal Life" reality TV program. Other stars that appeared on this program with Erik Estrada were Tammy Faye Baker, Vanilla Ice, "Baywatch" beach bunny Traci Bingham, and porn legend Ron Jeremy. Ron Jeremy is known as the king of porn movies. According to the producers of the "Surreal Life," Ron Jeremy has starred in over 1,600 pornographic movies and has directed over 100. Anyone who is interested in reading about this program for yourself, go on the Internet and type in (Second 'Surreal Life') or Tammy Faye Messner Second Surreal).

I cannot understand why Mr. Brown would want to associate his so called child protection unit with someone who associates with porn stars.

Taxpayers, when you vote on Nov. 6th, please vote Charles Green and let Sheriff Brown know that you're tired of this nonsense.

Gary Nichols


Cathy Hogan for Bedford Circuit Court Clerk

Cathy Hogan has done an excellent job as Circuit Court Clerk for 2006.

Bedford Business and Professional Women are supporting Mrs. Hogan for another term.

Ann Wood, chairman

BPW Public Relations

We don't need a drill sergeant

This letter is in response to Jack and Edie Webb's letter dated Oct. 17. Just like that author's candidate that author didn't say he had any law experience, but he made sure to let us know he served in the military.

The author spoke of belittling, what does he think he did in his letter? I think he's the pot calling the kettle black. In everything I have read Mr. Updike only told the truth. The author's own candidate has said he has no law enforcement experience. Mr. Updike even said he was a nice and polite man. The author said, "The citizens of Bedford aren't voting for a deputy." We know what we're voting for, not all of us are being fooled. He also said, "They were voting for someone with leadership and ability." I sure hope so, because we and those under the sheriff, don't need a drill sergeant or a dictator.

I have met with and talked to both candidates, has the author? Obviously not, or he would have found out the "correct" information on Mr. Updike. After talking to "his" candidate I was not impressed with his answers. While Mr. Green was nice to me and answered all my questions, which I appreciate, I did not agree with his answers, it will be interesting to see if I will be greeted with the same warm reception the next time he sees me, knowing he will not be getting my vote.

Bedford City and County voters do we want to vote for a Sheriff that has no law enforcement experience? No! How can one be in a leadership position, lead and guide those under him with no law enforcement experience? Mr. Updike has 24 years of law enforcement experience and 22 years of military training. Mr. Updike does not need to be trained; he can step right in and begin working for us.

If the letter's author had talked to Mr. Updike he would have found out he chose to become the City's DARE Officer and Resource Officer and guess what? Work with our area youth, imagine that! The same goes for his military career; he accepted certain positions knowing that there was no rise in ranks, why? To help with the soldiers and their families. Did he ever think Mr. Updike's not making it to the positions he mentioned was by choice? All he had to do is ask him.

He said he has been hearing rumors that Mr. Updike's objective was to split the votes and then go to work at the Sheriff's Department. That is false. He needs to stick to the facts, not rumors, because the same has often been said of his candidate. If there are any voters who have questions, please do like I did and talk to Mr. Updike, he will take the time to answer whatever you want.

I along with many other voters believe it is Time for a Change. Mr. Updike is one for us; he has training, knowledge, and experience in law enforcement, a military veteran, a wonderful family man and one who is serving his community well. You see him out everywhere. He has roots here in Bedford and will do what is best for us all. Neither of the other two candidates can say all of that. Please Bedford City and County voters join the many others like me in voting Updike for Sheriff on Nov. 6.

Julie Manley


Supports Green

In a few days we will have to decide who we want as our next Sheriff of Bedford County for the next four years. I wish all three candidates the very best of luck.

As a life long resident of Bedford County and a former Bedford County Deputy Sheriff and criminal investigator I am very familiar with the county and the inside operations of the Bedford County Sheriff's Office. I'm also familiar with what the Sheriff's position consists of and the responsibilities of a deputy sheriff and investigator. I also know that the foundation of each of these positions is Honesty, Integrity, Leadership, and Total Dedication to the Citizen's of Bedford County.

Without these very important elements we have no law enforcement.

I hope that on Nov. 6 each of you will remember this and vote for the one who will carry this foundation with him into the Sheriff's Office and lead by example. Vote Charles Green for the next Sheriff of Bedford County.

Chuck Reid

Former Bedford County Deputy Sheriff/Criminal Investigator

Brown personifies leadership, experience

I encourage voters to re-elect Mike Brown for Sheriff of Bedford County. He has brought national recognition to Bedford County for quality 21st Century law enforcement. It is inevitable the "boss" (Sheriff) receives attention as spokesman for the Sheriff's whole department. He is backed up by loyal, well-trained employees, patrolmen and officers.

I took the Sheriff's citizens' course which I highly recommend. You will learn law enforcement from the inside out. You will find opportunities to volunteer in ways that supplement the Sheriff's Office in helpful, appropriate ways.

Negative comments have hit the election process. One of the most useless cliches: "It is Time for a Change" - which calls for a better cliche: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Second cliche: Criticize your opponent so your candidate will look better. Response: There is always room for improvements and mistakes corrected but this fine tuning in progress is always done under Sheriff Brown. He has a solid team of staff and officers. Mike personifies leadership and experience.

Joyce L. Pedigo


Thank You

We would like to say a big Thank You to everyone who came out and supported Darryl Updike at his Meet the Candidate for Sheriff:

The staff at Liberty Lake Park, S & S Concessions, and Danny Toms for being our Master Chef, Our Updike for Sheriff Committee, and to everyone who came and asked Darryl questions, took a sign, and asked to be part of our It's Time for a Change team. All Bedford City and County voters come and vote on Nov. 6. Thank you again to all our supporters.

Sara Updike


Time for a new Sheriff

Some time ago my family and I who live in Moneta had a horrifying experience with the Sheriff's Department. Bear in mind we are hard-working, honest, law abiding citizens. ...

Voters, we don't need this type of action in Bedford County. Let's get back to the respect and dignity the Sheriff's Department had when Wells and Cundiff were Sheriff. Vote for Charles Green on Nov. 6.

Helen Lynch


Vote for Julie Bennington for School Board District 5

If you are a voter in the Big Island/Boonsboro area of Bedford County, (District 5), please know that our Bedford County School Board position will be voted for on Nov. 6. I would like to make you aware of the one candidate who has obtained my absolute trust in fulfilling this position; that person is Julie Bennington.

Having known Julie Bennington for the past several years, I have found her to be a parent who, like myself, is genuinely concerned about our children in the public schools. Julie has and will continue to work for obtaining and retaining the best teachers and staff possible in Bedford County Public Schools. Julie also believes in the long term planning for ALL Bedford County Schools including maintaining and updating our older schools and acquiring more funding for technology in our classrooms. Our children deserve that!

Julie is also a parent volunteer who works tirelessly, behind the scenes, as well as, in front of the scenes. She is a PTA member at Big Island Elementary & currently serves as the 2006-2008 PTA President for Boonsboro Elementary, and, as a parent volunteer myself; I know that Julie has been one of our most constant and enthusiastic volunteers. If there is a function or event needing help, she is there. She is also an extremely empathetic person. She listens before she speaks and is the first to ask, ?What can we do to help this person out??

Julie Bennington is the current District 5 School Board Member for Bedford County and is endorsed by the Bedford County Educational Association. Please join me in voting for Julie Bennington on November 6th to make sure Bedford County Public Schools are the best they can be for our children.

Cheryl Blankenship


Bennington is the perfect choice

As a new member of the Boonsboro PTA I am so thankful that we have Julie Bennington as our President. Upon meeting her and discussing her goals and ideas for not only our school but for the county I see that she is the perfect choice.

Her number one priority is that the children come first. She believes in long term planning for all of Bedford County Schools, she agrees that we need more funding for maintenance and updating older schools. Also she does NOT support the long-term use of mobile classrooms as a solution for overcrowding.

I am a very proud supporter of Julie and I look forward to casting my vote for her. Please help the best woman win and cast your vote for Julie Bennington for Bedford County School Board on Nov. 6, 2007.

Stefanie Feese


Brown one of the best

We?re proud to express our support for Mike Brown for re-election as Sheriff of Bedford County. He and his wife have been fine friends for over a decade.

As members of Congress, we have the opportunity to work with many local elected officials. Most do a good job and a few are exceptional. Sheriff Mike Brown is one of the best.

Sheriff Brown has fought hard against sexual predators. We strongly support his efforts to protect our children from online sexual predators, so much so, we invited him to Washington to speak to other members of Congress on the successes of Operation Blue Ridge Thunder.

School safety is another important issue to Sheriff Brown and he has built a highly motivated staff of School Resource Officers, (SROs) in every high school and middle school in the county. SROs are the key in keeping drugs out of Bedford schools and the Sheriff?s Vice Unit gets the drugs off our streets?a great combination!

Always one to sense a future need, Sheriff Brown initiated the Gang Resistance Education And Training (G.R.E.A.T.) program in all Bedford County public schools. This is a self-esteem building program to teach our young people how to handle conflict, overcome peer pressure, and resist gang involvement. Sheriff Brown is acting on behalf of Bedford County to prevent the growing national gang problem from infiltrating our community.

We encourage all voters to go to the polls on November 6, and please consider our friend, Sheriff Mike Brown.

Congressman Virgil H. Goode Jr.

Congressman Robert W. ?Bob? Goodlatte

Sheriff's critic uninformed

Regarding Mr. Richard Ruff's letter in this past Sunday's News & Advance criticizing Sheriff Brown's highly successful tenure as sheriff of Bedford County.

Is Mr. Ruff paying today what he was paying twelve (12) years ago to operate his farming business? If so, he is a genius and needs to let the rest of us know how it's done. Also, he is apparently not familiar with the operations of the county government; the county board of supervisors sets the sheriff's budget, not the sheriff (I'm sure Mr. Ruff was not aware of this).

As far as our exemplary sheriff's department not protecting the citizens of Bedford County against "thieves who steal for drug money," maybe Mr. Ruff chooses not to stay abreast of all of the reports to the contrary (or maybe this is just an uniformed, highly politicized, pointless rant).

Mr. Ruff should explain to us why anyone would not want child sexual predators and operators of unsafe tractor/trailers arrested and taken off the streets?

I thank Sheriff Brown for protecting our children from drugs and sexual predators, and for keeping our highways safe. I voted for him in the past because I believed in him. I'm voting for him now because he has more than earned it.

Dean C. Haskins


Brown obtained grants that benefit county

Since November 2004, I have worked with Charles Poindexter on the Tri-County Lake Administrative Commission (TLAC) and the Tri-County Re-licensing Committee (TCRC).

During that time I have developed a great respect for his knowledge and commitment to the task at hand. He always comes to the meeting prepared and is a valued participant. He devotes the time necessary to study the issues and reach logical conclusions. He makes his points clearly and concisely.

He is always concerned about the effect any decision will have on the citizens and the community. I do not live where I can vote for Charles Poindexter for the House of Delegates, but if I could, I would.

Even before November 2004, I have been volunteering at the Bedford County Sheriff?s Office (BCSO). I have found the BCSO a very effective law enforcement agency. It has achieved accreditation which, in law enforcement circles, is a substantial achievement. One that few agencies throughout the nation can or do ever achieve. Employee morale and competency are high. This goes directly to the leadership and environment created by Sheriff Mike Brown.

Additionally, the BCSO, through Sheriff Brown?s substantial contacts and reputation in the law enforcement community, has been very successful in receiving grants to fund various operations. These grants have been used for purchase of safety equipment for the deputies and advanced technology. Both of which are the life-blood of an effective law-enforcement organization.

Bedford County has greatly benefited from these grants. Blue Ridge Thunder is one of these programs. It is a program that has been emulated across the nation because of its success and put the BCSO and Bedford County on the map as a progressive law enforcement organization and technologically forward-thinking community. I do live where I can vote for Mike Brown for Sheriff of Bedford County and I will do so.

Chuck Neudorfer


Pollard a hard-working organizer

District 6 voters have a rare opportunity to elect a reliable representative to serve on the Bedford County Board of Supervisors. That candidate is Annie S. Pollard.

I have known her all her life and have watched and admired how she has stepped up to the plate to help make our community a better place. As an organizer, she has spear headed many events that help raise much needed funds for local organizations, including school and fire and rescue events, never shunning the hard work that made it all possible. Today you will find her volunteering at the D-Day Memorial, chairing the Bedford Museum Board of Directors, working to preserve our local history through her preservations efforts that includes research and submitting articles for publication, serving Pepsi at the Bedford Breakfast Lion?s Club annual fund raiser or attending and supporting events sponsored by other local organizations.

Annie has sat through eight years of long and sometimes agonizing supervisors meetings, gaining first hand knowledge of issues facing the County. As an observer, she knows and understands the concerns of the citizens. She is definitely a candidate who cares about her community and has a compassion for people of all ages. Her faith in God and the welfare of her community is unquestionable.

Regarding her opponents, you must ask what Tom Dooley contributed while he served on the Board of Supervisors in the 60s? Whatever his experience was at that time, will it serve him on today?s board? ...

One of Andy Dooley?s first votes following his appointment to the Board of Supervisors was to unnecessarily raise our real estate tax, making the decision a 4-3 vote in favor. As you can see, his action was the deciding vote. Does this sound like a candidate who has your best interest at heart?

It has been said, the majority rules, but I do not believe this is always the case. However, the majority of those who exercise their right to vote in District 6 will decide this election, one that is crucial to not only this district, but all of Bedford County.

Vote Responsibly, Vote Informed, Vote Annie S. Pollard.

Dot Preston


Andy Dooley has track record we can trust

Many times it is difficult to choose between candidates, but in the position of Supervisor for District Six, there is no need for debate. Andy Dooley has a track record that we can trust. He was Recreation Director for 20 years, he is currently a Supervisor, served as Chairman on the Special Education Board for six years, a member of the Bedford County Safety Commission for three years, Chairman of the Central VA Area Agency on Aging for four years, and the list goes on.

Andy Dooley has been supportive of families and children. He has willingly given of his time and efforts to provide leadership, attend committee meetings, umpire ball games, or encourage a child. When on a committee he doesn't just sit numb, he contributes and is willing to look and work towards solutions.

Andy Dooley knows our county. He was raised here and has been a resident, other than the time spent in the military in Vietnam. Andy is willing to accept new ideas and to expand upon them, he knows our history but encourages responsible growth.

I have been in organizations, on committees, and seen Andy Dooley in action and can not support any other candidate for this office.

Pat Crowder


Letter didn't address key issues

As to Mr. Foutz (Police Chief Retired) editorial being critical of Mr. Tucker's letter "Ashamed of Sheriff Brown."

He didn't address what Mr. Tucker was really ashamed of. He didn't mention the fundraiser that promoted alcoholic beverages or the way some deputies treat Bedford County citizens, as well as other County citizens where they don't belong. He didn't mention Erik Estrada who was at the fundraiser in Moneta where the beer, wine and champagne was available, and that he plans to be here Nov. 3-6 to help Sheriff Brown campaign to make our county and children safer. You might want to check Mr. Estrada's background and let the parents know what you find.

As for Sheriff Brown's statistics, keep in mind the computer only shows what human hands put in them.

Billy Hackworth


Updike is honest and reliable

I have some issues I would like to address.

...One concern pertains to Mr. Green's message on the back of the Bullet that I received Oct. 27, 2007. Curious, because much of it was not written with Mr. Green's usual grammar or punctuation, I did an online search of his key phrases. I discovered most of his message comes from an Internet site that defines what leadership is and gives instruction on how to be an effective leader. I found that many of his sentences were copied word-for-word and some were changed only slightly from the wording on the site.

He does not credit the site as one should do when when quoting another's work. Mr. Green claims to have two college degrees, he should certainly know better. This is not a good example of integrity or honesty that Mr. Green sets before us. ...

It's time for a change. Vote for a man who is reliable, who is honest, and who has excellent credentials. Vote for Darryl Updike for Sheriff.

Eva Smith


County needs leaders like Pollard

Why are we supporting Annie Pollard for Bedford County District 6 Supervisor? Because she has convinced us that as an independent she will be committed to working towards less government, lower taxes, a clean environment, safe schools and much more community involvement in the affairs of the County!

Also, she has a first-hand knowledge of the County budget and operations from her years of attending almost all Board meetings and other meetings while closely assisting her husband, Bobby, when he was a Supervisor.

Aside from the above, she is currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Bedford Museum, a volunteer at the D-day Memorial and a member of the Bedford Breakfast Lion's Club - all of which reflect her strong interest in helping our community to be the best it can be.

In short, we believe that District 6 residents and Bedford County as a whole need leaders like Annie and we hope that you agree with us and will vote for her on Nov. 6.

Willie and Jean Gray


BCEA supports Bennington

It is my proud honor to speak for the educators of Bedford County in recommending the best person for the job of District 5 (Boonsboro/Big Island) school board representative: Julie Bennington.

Mrs. Bennington has roots in the community and has taken an active part in working hard to provide the best educational opportunities for our students through her roles as Boonsboro PTA president and her current role as the District 5 school board representative. Mrs. Bennington believes in a government and a school system that is responsible to the people that it serves, and in making sure that our kids get the best to help pave our future for Bedford County. She also understands that in order to ensure brighter futures for our children the best teachers need to be retained in our county, and she is committed to that effort.

In her roles in business and public service Mrs. Bennington has worked with many different aspects of the community and has the people skills to move the agenda of our children's? future forward. She has been very involved in the discussions between the board of supervisors and school board about how to improve our schools. She will not make empty promises about things that she cannot do, as some candidates may make, but will stand true to the things that she can do as a board member. She has a high level of commitment to seeing our schools succeed in a time where others who have no real vested interest in our schools would strip them down to the bare bones and sit on their hands while our best teachers continue to leave for other systems.

In conclusion, a vote for Julie Bennington makes sense if you care for our future and our children's future. Not only as an educator but also as a parent who lives in her district, I will be making the wise choice to keep her on the board, and I strongly urge all voters in District 5 to do the same.

Fred Glover

BCEA President

Thanks for Memory Walk help

On behalf of The Alzheimer?s Association, I would like to extend congratulations and heartfelt thanks to everyone in Lynchburg, Amherst, Appomattox, Campbell, and Bedford Counties who on Saturday, September 22, achieved tremendous results at the 2007 Lynchburg Memory Walk.

Memory Walk is the signature annual walk-a-thon fundraiser held to benefit the Alzheimer?s Association. The Lynchburg Walk continued the series of Walks that are being held this fall throughout the Central and Western Virginia Chapter. The Chapter encompasses the Charlottesville, Danville, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, and Roanoke regions.

Over 500 people turned out on a beautiful, sunny Saturday to walk on Percival?s Isle to support The Association, and best of all, generated $55, 000.

A special thanks to each and every person that contributed to this successful walk that could not have been accomplished without the support of the walkers and the entire Lynchburg Community.

Also, I would like to thank our sponsors: Genworth, Creative Memories, Home Instead Senior Care, Heart of VA Parrot Head Club, Centra Health, Generation Solutions, Runk and Pratt, Seniors Guide, Comcast Spotlight, AEP, Avante, Carriage Hill, Fleet Laboratories, Heritage Green, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Charleys, Depot Grille, Humana MarketPoint, Liberty University Dining, Milanos, Upper Crust Pizza, First Presbyterian Church. A special thanks to Lynchburg City Parks and Recreation, Lynchburg City K-9 Unit, McGruff, Petopia, Pet Smart, Lynchburg Humane Society, Teddy Spaghetti, LU Basketball Team and Nursing Students, LC Dance Team, WSET-TV 13, all the in-kind donations, and the Memory Walk Committee.

Because of this success, the Lynchburg Regional Office of the Alzheimer?s Association will be able to continue the mission of the Association to eliminate the incurability of Alzheimer?s disease through the advancement of research, and to enhance the care and support for individuals, their families, and caregivers affected by Alzheimer?s disease. Our vision is to create a world where Alzheimer?s disease becomes curable and preventable while we continue to optimize the quality of life for those afflicted with the disease, as well as their loved ones and families.

The people of Lynchburg are remarkable! Thank all of you for making a difference and for helping so many. Please feel free to contact the local office with questions, for support services or programming information, HelpLine inquiries, or any other information at 845-8540.

Cindy BonDurant

Regional Director

Central and Western Virginia Chapter

Alzheimer?s Association

Supports Lewis Medlin

Get ready for the Nov. 6 election. Lewis Medlin is running for the House of Delegates opposing Lacey Putney. Mr. Medlin is a smart and alert young man. As you know, Lacey voted for the Abusive Driver Bill. we want to show respect and honor for age. But taxpaying citizens for the county and state we can do better by voting for Lewis Medlin Nov. 6 for the house of delegates.

Clarence Stevens


Alcoholic beverages common at fundraisers

A recent letter to the editor was published in your paper about alcoholic beverages being served at a political fundraiser for Sheriff Mike Brown in the Moneta area of Bedford County.

I have been in attendance at such fundraisers for over 40 years and can conservatively estimate that at least 80 percent of such functions serve some type of alcoholic beverage.

I was in attendance at the Moneta function and everyone was required to wear a wristband and if you had an alcoholic beverage, they marked the band and you could only be served two beverages. Most civic events ie. Bedford Farmers Market venues allow you three our four...I think I will vote for Sheriff Brown.

Bruce W. Dowdy


Supports Rodes

It is time for Bedford County District 5 citizens to make a statement in the upcoming School Board election this Nov. 6.

We have a fine, homegrown, experienced, extremely qualified and dedicated candidate in Laura Rodes. Doesn't it make sense to elect a person to serve as School Board representative who has actually been a student in our schools, paid taxes for years for our schools, substituted for multiple years as a teacher, served as PTA president, and has held various offices for Bedford County's County Council? In addition, she serves as a Board member and Officer for Bedford County's only private Christian school, B