Making up for lost time: School day to begin earlier, go longer

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Employees and students have been notified that due to the high number of days missed this year due to inclement weather, the school system is now required to make-up more than 11 hours of instructional time to meet state requirements.

In order to satisfy these requirements, starting on Monday, March 31 schools will begin their school day 10 minutes early and will also extend the end of the school day by 10 minutes each day for the remainder of the school year. Transportation schedules are being adjusted accordingly.

“While we know this serves as an inconvenience, many school divisions throughout the state have either had to convert spring break into school days, extend the school year or even hold classes on Saturday to make-up time,” a note to teachers from the school administration stated. “Considering this, we feel fortunate that we are currently able to satisfy requirements with the aforementioned adjustment.”

  Further adjustments will need to be made should the school system miss more time going forward. “With that being said, let’s hope that spring has finally sprung,” the letter to the teachers stated.