Rain Saturday night causes some flooding in area

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By John Barnhart

Nobody saw a man with a large boat full of animals float by, but people in the Bedford area certainly saw massive amounts of rain over the weekend.
    According to Ben Gruver, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service’s Blacksburg office, the Stewartsville and Chamblissburg sections of the county got the heaviest rainfall Saturday night. Stewartsville received six inches of rain and Chambilssburg saw 5.25 inches. Five inches of rain fell in Bedford.
    The rain was brought by what Gruver called a “back door cold front.” Circulation from an area of high pressure in New England caused cool air to flow along the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The air in place over the area had a lot of moisture in it and the cool air wrung it out, causing heavy rain in storms. The front was also a very slow moving front.
    Gruver said there were a lot of reports of flooding, although most of the reports his office got came from Franklin and Pittsylvania counties.
    He said the situation was made worse because the ground was still saturated from the rain Hurricane Florence brought last week.
    “We probably would have had flood issues, but not as widespread  as what we saw,” Gruver said.
    The front also brought the cool, gray days the area had on Sunday and Monday. Gruver said the weather will warm up by Thursday, but another front is expected to come through Thursday that will bring more rain.