Sports commentary: OMG!

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Does the Big Guy really care about sports?

By Mike Forster

  Now they had to go and drag God into it.

As if the egos of professional jocks weren’t big enough.

As if the encroachment of professional sports hadn’t reached an apex (or a nadir).

Now, they’ve got the Big Guy in the mix.

Some background.

Sunday afternoon was an oddity for me.  That’s because, the Buffalo Bills, my team, were on the tube.

That’s rare because:  a) there’s no geographical link between Bedford and Buffalo and b) the Bills are a pretty bad team.

They were playing the Steelers, and were playing them quite well.

As various household chores went ignored, the game went into overtime.

That’s when Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick found wide receiver Stevie Johnson wide open in the end zone.

Fitzpatrick did his job, placing the ball perfectly on a long pass.

Johnson did not do his job, letting the ball trickle through his fingers.

Later, it was reported, Johnson sent out a tweet, blaming the Lord for his misfortune.  It reportedly read:  “I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO...,”

I have two thoughts on this development.

First, assuming that God had the time or interest in a game, why would he favor Johnson?

Do we really think (with the exception of Notre Dame) that God affects the outcome of football games?

If Johnson had made the catch and the touchdown, would the Steeler defensive back who was burned have sent a similar tweet skyward?

Which brings me to my second concern:  Does God use social media software?

If so, what combination of Twitter, Facebook and My Space does He use?

Does He check websites?  If so, is what you post to a website fair game, when it comes to the final reckoning?

I’ve written this column for over four years.  I’ve done so free from concerns that it might fall into the evidence box at my big hearing in the sky.

Great.  I can see it now.  These columns paint a picture of a man who makes the money changers in the temple seem devout and the prodigal son seem responsible,

Do typos and other errors work against one on Judgement Day?

No.  They do not.

I refuse to believe that God is concerned about the inappropriate usage of apostrophes in this newspaper.  (You, though, should be so concerned, I might add.)

Similarly, I don’t believe God has a stake in the outcome of sporting events.

There are wars and famine and plague and pestilence all across this world of ours.

If I got a vote, I’d want the Big Guy to focus his attention on fixing those things.

Not on whether some guy drops a pass for a winning touchdown.

Even when that guy plays for my favorite team.


I had a spot of trouble with my computer last week and lost all emails, as well as addresses.  

My apologies to any of you if you feel you have been ignored during that time.