Sports commentary: Return this idea to sender

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Boise State vs. TCU? Don't think so.

By Mike Forster

 Jamie the Mailman keeps telling me that he wants to see a BCS championship game featuring Boise State and Texas Christian (TCU).

One of the great things about this job is that I can use this space to publicly point out how wrong Jamie the Mailman is.

One of the great things about Jamie’s job is that he can withhold mail from me, including notification from the bank which might prevent foreclosure on our home.

Hence, if you see me and the wife with our belongings on the curb, you’ll know Jamie took this column in the wrong spirit.

Why is he wrong? 

Simple.  Boise State has been the poster child for a national playoff, because of its exclusion from the BCS. Once it gets invited, whining will continue about how bad the current system is.

How’s that?

For the last several years, Boise State has been a superb program.

For its efforts, it has gotten to play in a couple of big time games, such as the Fiesta Bowl.

It has not, however, made it to the big game:  the BCS championship.

Every season, it seems as though Boise State has its opportunity snatched away and given to one of the “big boy” programs, such as Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, Ohio State and the like.

As a result, with much justification, there is a lot of howling for Boise to be given a fair shake. 

Should Boise State make it to the BCS championship game this season, there will be a hue and cry about it, despite years of excellence by the program.

First, it will be pointed out that the Broncs play a relatively soft schedule.

Second, the lack of a conference championship game presents one less hurdle for Boise.

In short, the team had an easier path to the BCS.

If TCU is the opponent, you can double-up on those aforementioned reasons.

A title game featuring those two teams would become the driver for introducing a playoff system.

The argument would be that neither team “earned” its way into the game.

Look, the national bracket for college football is coming.  Everything is set up to make it happen.

The Orange, Sugar, Rose and Fiesta Bowls are set up to take turns hosting the national playoffs.  Every other year, two of those bowls be semifinal sites.  The other two will  host some darn good also-ran games, just as they do today.

The two winners play in the BCS title game.

The BCS title game has been steadily distancing itself, calendar-wise, from the New Year’s Bowls.

The four big bowls are each played in a different time zone.

All the larger conferences are moving toward a championship game.  The SEC and ACC already have them.  The Big Ten and Pac-10 will have them in 2012.

The flammable mixture is poised to explode.

All it take is a catalyst to be tossed into the gas can.

A catalyst in the form of public outrage.

That outrage would result from a Boise State-TCU title tilt.

Jamie the Mailman, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re happy.

And, as long as I’ve got your ear, could you cool it with all those AARP offers?