Sports Day-ly: Infinity War Review: A war for the ages (No Spoilers)

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By Denton Day

Wow. The culmination of over 10 years of superhero storytelling finally came to a head. The Mad Titan Thanos truly began his quest for the infinity stones and to take down the Avengers.

There are no major spoilers of Avengers: Infinity War in this review–because I am an above average human being–but there are spoilers for every other Marvel movie.

Knowledge of what happens in the other 18 Marvel movies is not necessary to enjoy the movie–plain and simple it was just a good movie–but to fully understand everything you need to see the other 18 movies. Particularly Thor: Ragnarok and Black Panther, the two most recent movies.

It’s important to note, the Avengers aren’t all just hanging out with each other when the movie begins. Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Tony Stark (Iron Man) still aren’t on speaking terms. In fact, Rogers hasn’t been seen since 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. As we’ve seen in the trailer Rogers is sporting a new, longer haircut and a nice beard which is a nice twist–Chris Evans can also grow a mighty nice beard.

Because not everyone was together the film jumped around a little bit from place to place to feature all of the heroes and some flashbacks to give us an idea of who Thanos actually is. This easily could’ve turned out really bad and could’ve made things difficult to follow but if you pay attention it really isn’t that difficult to follow.

The film picks up right after the end of Ragnorak. Thor, Loki, Bruce Banner (Hulk) and all that is left of the Asgardians just fled from Asgard. At the end of Ragnorak–in the post credit scene–a giant ship in the cosmos approached them. The ship, Sanctuary 2, belongs to Thanos and his Black Order.

In the first minute of the film we get our first look at Josh Brolin’s Thanos in his full armor. Thanos is absolutely massive. Looking bigger than Thor (played by Chris Hemsworth) is no small accomplishment but Thanos is significantly bigger. I imagine that the size of Thanos is comparable to that of Goliath except Thanos is purple and has a ridiculous set of armor. Basically, he is very intimidating.

I was slightly worried that Thanos would become another Ultron. Not that Avengers: Age of Ultron was bad, I actually enjoyed the movie, but the Ultron villain fell way short of what it could’ve–and should’ve–been. Thanos did not.

Throughout the movie it was clear that despite the fact that Thanos wants the infinity stones he doesn’t necessarily need them to beat the brakes off the Avengers. I thought that was very important and really added to the legitimacy of Thanos.

Side note: despite the fact that I had seen the spot where Thanos clocks Iron Man about 18,003 times in the trailer I still let out an audible, “OH,” when I saw it in the movie.

The film had a lot of interesting team ups that we may not normally anticipate, which we got a glimpse of in the trailers. The dynamic between Thor, Groot and Rocket was interesting and funny. But the best one was probably Stark and Peter Quill (Star Lord). Two leaders who are each quick-witted guys with massive egos led to a natural clash of personality, which was really fun. Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Pratt are each really good at their job.

Spider Man’s iron spider suit was awesome, probably my favorite suit of the entire film. A close second was Bucky Barnes’ new arm. Barnes aslo happens to look like a much stronger and better looking version of 2015 me.

The battle scenes were fantastic and there were a lot of them. In a film based around the infinity stones and the infinity gauntlet was sure to feature a lot of blasts and visual effects. Like every other Marvel film, they did great in this department.

One of my favorite characters in the film was Banner, portrayed by Mark Ruffalo. Ruffalo continues to get better and better and consistently makes me believe that the Hulk movies would’ve actually been good if Ruffalo was originally cast as Banner.

I don’t read Marvel Comic books very often so I don’t have a great understanding of how Banner is portrayed in the comics. But I do know that Ruffalo is hilarious in the role and constantly had me chuckling during the movie.

The final hour or so was all fighting. It was fast paced and energetic and did a good job showcasing the hero’s abilities as well as those of Thanos.

The ending was jaw dropping. I went at an odd time–which was on purpose–so the theatre wasn’t packed to the brim. However, there was still a decent amount of people there, but walking out it was dead silent. I don’t think I have ever been to a movie and left the theater to dead silence. It was a really cool moment.

This is a Marvel movie so there is a post credit scene. Don’t be that person who leaves a Marvel movie once the credits start to roll. Its 2018 we should all know better.

I highly encourage everyone to go see the movie, whether you like Marvel or not. In my, not so, expert movie rating I give Avengers: Infinity War five-stars. It really was a fantastic culmination of over 10 years of storytelling from Marvel Studios.