Sports Day-ly: NBA’s wild start to Free Agency

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By Denton Day

By: Denton Day
Sports Editor


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The past four days have been a whirlwind in the NBA.NBA Free Agency officially began, which is an incredibly exciting time for the league and its fans.

Lebron James stole the show–as expected–and took his talents to the west coast with the mother ship (ESPN) stalking his every move with helicopters–although this time we didn’t get a massive televised announcement.

With James taking his talents to the west the bandwagoners had to take their fandom that direction as well. The moment the announcement was made there was a massive rumbling heard throughout the nation, you could even hear it from out here in Central Virginia. And just like that we’ll eventually start to see Lakers jersey’s everywhere in the near future.

At this point I’m patiently waiting for recently retired Kobe Bryant to post a picture of laced up shoes on either Twitter or Instagram and just set the internet into a massive inferno of speculation. Bryant teaming up with James is the type of idea that would force every major ESPN executive to need a change of clothes.

James can now participate in rap battles with fellow Lakers Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma while simultaneously baby sitting them, force Isaiah Thomas out of town (again) and finally give us Space Jam 2.

If we don’t get Space Jam 2 in the next 365 days this move must be labeled a complete waste.

The Lakers also signed Lance Stephenson, who famously blew into the ear of Lebron James in a 2014 playoff game, as well as JaVale McGee. Both Stephenson and McGee are now frontrunners to take J.R. Smith’s place as the guy that forgets the score in the closing seconds of a playoff game.

James joining the Lakers also means a brief rekindling of the Lakers vs. Boston feud. Boston being led by Kyrie Irving, who requested to be traded away from James and Cleveland last offseason, taking on James and the Lakers is a money matchup.

It also means that the Golden State Warriors were finally going to have competition in the Western Conference playoffs. James was going to recruit DeMarcus Cousins to team up with him in L.A. The Warriors reign of terror would soon come to an end.

Then the Warriors signed DeMarcus Cousins. Because the one thing the back-to-back defending champions needed was another seven-footer who can shoot threes. The Warriors now have five All-Stars in their starting lineup, all five men also played for Team USA in the 2016 Olympics.

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Paul George, who was rumored to head to L.A. with Lebron, stayed put with the Thunder. Russell Westbrook threw a party for George–Russell probably should’ve done that for Kevin Durant a few years ago–and ultimately George’s friendship with Russell kept him in OKC according to multiple reports.

Video of the party was posted on Westbrook’s instagram which proved that Westbrook is capable of dressing like a normal human being when out in public. The party also featured New York rapper Nas. Considering both George and Westbrook are from the West Coast Nas seemed like an odd pick but I guess East vs. West rap beef is dead and I should probably stop holding onto it.

At the party George claimed to have, “unfinished business.” That was a reference to winning a championship but in reality the only unfinished business they have is with the Utah Jazz. I’m sure Donovan Mitchell and the Jazz are really quaking in their boots at that comment–I’m almost 100 percent positive that Mitchell and the Jazz are not quaking in their boots.

Former Los Angeles Clippers center DeAndre Jordan signed a one-year deal with Dallas per multiple reports. With Blake Griffin now a member of the Detroit Pistons and Chris Paul a member of the Houston Rockets no one invaded Jordan’s home and barricaded the door with a single chair while forcing him to re-sign with the Clippers.

Jordan will get to play with rookie Luca Doncic, Seth Curry, an incredibly overpaid Harrison Barnes, Dennis Smith Jr. and a legend that probably should’ve retired three years ago in Dirk Nowitzki.

Paul really could’ve shaken things up if he decided to ditch Houston and go play with Lebron James, his Banana Boat brother, in L.A.

Paul instead stuck with James Harden and the Houston Rockets, a team that actually has unfinished business in the Wester Conference playoffs, in an effort to run it back and take down Golden State.

All of the active players who have won MVP Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Dirk Nowitzki and Derrick Rose–I hope I’m not the only one who laughed when reading Derrick Rose’s name–now reside in the Western Conference.

Four days into Free Agency and claims have already been made about the lack of star power in the Eastern Conference and how the playoffs need to be changed, which is silly.

The Eastern Conference will be just fine. There are plenty of new stars patiently waiting for their team to shine. And the Boston Celtics–if healthy–could give the Warriors a run for their money. No need to jump the gun on playoff changes.