Sports Day-ly: The NBA Superhero Comparison

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By Denton Day

 The NBA season is officially underway and I am incredibly excited. I love basketball in fact recently it has become my favorite sport.

One thing I also have recently re-fell in love with is superheroes. For whatever reason when I was 20 I really started to get back into superheroes. Even now at 22-years old I often walk about with a Batman backpack that is originally meant for a 10-year old.

In fact once a lady stopped me to tell me her 10-year old son had the same backpack. It was kind of awkward and I did not really know how to respond. I still use the backpack though.

Naturally when you find two things that you are very passionate about you want to push them together. That is what is happening here.

So this week is going to be the first of s series I am starting comparing basketball teams to our favorite superheroes. (Both DC and Marvel heroes will be featured)

Not every superhero or team will be featured today so if you see a comparison that you think I should see shoot me an email sports@bedfordbulletin.com or tweet at me @Denton_Day. I respond to both.

Golden State Warriors: Batman

Batman is my favorite superhero and I humbly think he is the best superhero. As much as I would love to make the Wizards Batman because I want to pair my favorite team with my favorite hero I cannot. There is simply no ignoring the obvious similarities the Warriors have with the Caped Crusader.

Like I said Batman is the best and so are the Warriors. They've won two championships in the last three seasons and have two of the top three players in the world.

Bruce Wayne is not a metahuman and has no superpowers but he does have a lot of money and a lot of toys to play with. That last part is a personification of the Warriors.

Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant on the same team is ridiculous. Add Draymond Green and Klay Thompson on top of a number of other players to that and its not fair.

It is like combining superior intellect with billions of dollars worth of money to spend on gadgets to help you fight crime.

The Warriors also have a hidden mean streak that appears every now and then just like Wayne. Sometimes they can be their own worst enemy but when it counts they always make the best decision. Just like Batman

Cleveland Cavaliers: Captain America

This explanation is a lot simpler and really revolves around one specific player. Derrick Rose. Thats a joke, its Lebron James.

Steve Rogers was injected with super soldier serum that turned him from a skinny military hopeful to the leader of the Avengers and the man that every girl wants.

I'm completely convinced that James was injected with that serum the minute he came into the world.

James is 32-years old and in his 14th season in the NBA. He's been the best player in the world for the past decade and somehow is continuing to get better.

That is not humanely possible and proves he was injected with super soldier serum.

Rogers is seen as the leader of the Avengers and always tends to take the moral high ground and make good decisions. James is the equivalent of that in the NBA.  

No matter how much you dislike the comparisons between James and Michael Jordan there is no denying James is a superior person. And maybe (definitely) the best face-of-the-league the NBA has ever had.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Iron Man

Tony Stark is a billionaire philanthropist that uses his money to make nice toys to save the world. Sorry Marvel fans but Tony Stark is a knock off Batman, which is exactly what the Thunder are.

I love Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and Paul George. But they were thrown together in the hopes of being better than the Warriors and quite frankly they're not.

Oklahoma City is looking very similar to the 2012 Lakers team that threw Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard and Steve Nash togehter to challenge the Heat. It did not work then and probably will not work here.

The Thunder are close but not there yet. There is a good chance the Thunder’s season will end better than that Lakers team.

But in a matchup with the Warriors, just as we would see in an Iron Man vs. Batman fight. They stand no chance.

Stark has an ego and does not think as much which is exactly how the Thunder are. Three superstars that will ultimately all want the ball in crunch time.

Batman, generally, puts ego aside and will do what it takes to get the job done. That is the Warriors. They’re much more of a team and will come out victorious in that battle.

Boston Celtics: Nightwing

The Gordon Hayward injury has a huge impact on this one. Now Boston is solely Kyrie Irving's team. He left the best player in the world to get to this point and he wants to see if he can be the guy just like Dick Grayson attempted when he left Batman's side to go protect Blüdhaven.

I know I called Lebron Captain America and I could be really angering comic purists by crossing over comics here but bear with me. Because Irving was Robin in Cleveland.

I am not a huge Irving fan, mostly because people still think it is okay to suggest that he is a better point guard than John Wall (he is not). But he is certainly capable of carrying a team the question is can he carry them to the promise land and no one knows the answer to that yet.

But Dick Grayson did once play the role of Batman for a period of time.

If you have any other superhero comparisons you think need to be addressed shoot an email to sports@bedfordbulletin or tweet at me @Denton_Day.