Sports Day-ly: The NBA Superhero Comparison: Part II

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By Denton Day

Welcome into round two of the Superhero and NBA team comparison. Essentially a couple hundred words of me completely nerding out with my slightly above average knowledge of superheroes and my elite level of basketball knowledge. Maybe elite is not the right word to describe my basketball knowledge, that seems arrogant. We'll call it semi-elite in an effort to express my humility.

As always if you see a comparison that I am missing be sure to let me know via email (sports@bedfordbulletin.com) or tweet (@Denton_Day). Two weeks ago we did the first four teams, this week we're going to look at three teams.

Houston Rockets: The Flash

Barry Allen is a very underrated superhero in my opinion. A guy with super speed should be viewed as much more powerful than Allen is generally viewed. The issue is he is just really really fast and does not have a lot else going for him.

The Houston Rockets play fast. Really, really fast. Thats really what Head Coach Mike D'Antoni is known for. He did it in Phoenix when he had MVP Steve Nash and Amare Stoudamire and now he does it in Houston with Chris Paul and James Harden.

In today's NBA game that is dominated by the three-point shot D'Antoni wants his team to throw up as much threes as possible. And they are very good at that.

The Warrior are known as the three-point shooting team. So far this year they average about 34 three-point attempts a game.

To put that in perspective, in 2005-06 when D'Antoni coached the Suns they led the league averaging 26 three-point attempts a game.

This year the Rockets average 45-three point attempts per game. That is ridiculous.

The Rockets just rush to the three-point line and use their own variation of super speed to put up as many threes as humanly possible. Over half of the shots they attempt during a game are three-pointers.

The dark matter that struck Allen to give him his super speed is what D'Antoni is to the Houston Rockets.

Washington Wizards: Green Arrow

I really wanted to make the Wizards Batman because Batman is my favorite superhero and the Wizards are my favorite team. I couldn't do that though. So I made them the Green Arrow instead who is similar to Batman but not quite as awesome.

Also "Arrow" is one of my favorite shows on television so I get almost all of my Green Arrow knowledge off of the show. And that is the character I'm comparing to the Wizards.

But regardless of my biases the similarities are there. The Wizards are trying desperately to break into that top-tier of teams in the NBA. They have all the tools to do so they just haven't been able to do so yet.

Oliver Queen is the same way. A world-class fighter who was trained by Ra's al Ghul and only misses with his arrow when he wants to. He should be one of the best non-metahuman superheroes ever. But he isn't.

He always seems to get in his own way. Whether it be mentally or because his past mistakes come back to bite him. He always shoots himself in the foot.

The Wizards had an opportunity to make it to the Eastern Conference Finals last year but didn't. Why? Because they shot themselves in the foot.

John Wall was gassed in the fourth quarter of Game 7 against the Celtics and the bench scored a whopping five points. They matched up far better against Cleveland than Boston did they just couldn't get there.

One day this team could be Batman but until they get over the hump they're the Green Arrow.

Chicago Bulls: Hawkeye

The Bulls are a laughing stock and Hawkeye is too.

Amongst common fans Hawkeye is best known for getting his mind taken over in the Avengers and helping Loki attack his friends.

Currently the most notable thing that has happened in Chicago this season is a fight between Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic that broke out in practice and sent Mirotic to the hospital.

While I don't think Portis was possessed by the scepter of Thor's evil brother punching your teammate and sending him to the hospital still makes you stupid.

And sorry Marvel fans, but Hawkeye is pretty stupid. I love Jeremy Renner though. He's not stupid.

That's it for this edition if you have any more comparisons send them my way.