A trip to Richmond's Maymont Park: By the Butterfly Lady/Pat Schuler

The day began as a beautiful, clear, September morning. It was perfect for the outing my daughter and I had planned. Our husbands were comfortably situated in front of the large screen TV, watching the Florida State Seminoles playing the Clemson Tigers. We gals were off to Richmond's Maymont Park with cameras in hand. The men had been supplied with snacks and the promise of fried chicken later; so they had no complaints when we said it would be MUCH later before we returned.
      Maymont Park is a wonderful place for just walking and enjoying flowers, birds, and butterflies. There are easy paths and several individual gardens occupying various parts of the park. The "butterfly gardens" are lovely and well supplied with educational signage, The only deficiency I saw was a lack of identification of specific plants; but general information about butterfly needs was supplied with easy to read, permanent signs at each garden plot..
      In addition to the large space for well planned butterfly gardens, there is a large Italian garden, and a very attractive Japanese garden. We spent the entire morning in those various gardens, trying to get that perfect shot of species we had not previously added to our albums. I, in particular, was determined to photograph a cloudless sulphur; since these are not common in Bedford, and I had seen a few flying around the gardens here. However, the only photo I was able to take was partially obscured by a flower. Nevertheless, the search, itself, is most of the joy; and searching in an area like this, on a perfect early Fall day, with one's daughter, is God's blessing at its best.  
     Oh, and yes, I did finally get that picture of the cloudless sulphur --- after I got back home to Bedford, in my own little zinnia patch !  There must be a lesson here !  Then, to make our day in Richmond complete, my team won.  Go 'Noles !