We need to change minds

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By John Barnhart

    As a solidly pro-life person, I resent have taxpayer money used to fund something that I believe is legalized infanticide.
    None of us pay taxes voluntarily. The government uses its coercive power to take tax money from us. Using money that I have no choice but to turn over to the government to support abortion providers means I’m being forced by my government to support something that I believe is evil.  
    I’ve always thought it is interesting that left-wingers are supportive of people that refuse to stand for the National Anthem in order to protest what they think, then they call us pro-life people all sorts of names because we don’t want our tax money used to pay for infanticide.
    One of the big problems with restricting the use of federal funds to abortion providers is that Planned Parenthood, a huge abortion provider, also provides an array of women’s health services. They have the reputation, whether it is deserved or not, of providing health services to low income women.
    These services, I believe, are a major reason why most people, according to a Rasmussen poll last month, don’t support a policy to cut them, and other organizations like them, off from receiving federal funds.
    I think there is another problem. The pro-life camp has focused heavily on political solutions to abortion and has failed to focus on changing people’s minds about abortion.
    Like other pro-life people, I believe that life begins at conception. Conception produces a brand-new human life that is genetically different from either parent. That’s why, as the pregnancy progresses, a placenta forms to provide the nutrient and oxygen exchange between the mother’s blood and the baby’s blood while keeping the mother’s immune system from attacking the baby.
    The baby is a brand-new, separate human life and there are very limited circumstances under which killing a human is justifiable. I believe that, unless the baby is going to kill somebody, aborting the baby is murder.
    The pro-life camp needs to do a lot better job of changing people’s minds on abortion, to convince them that abortion is not a women’s health issue. It is about killing a baby so the woman won’t have to become a mother, with the responsibility it brings. Unless we can convince most people that abortion is killing a human being, we are not going to be able to build the voter pressure that it will take to get elected officials to take action to end the current slaughter of innocents.
    We are up against a formidable propaganda machine. In addition to abortion providers, we have the bulk of the news media and celebrities who support abortion on demand for any reason. Pro-life people must work harder.
    The pro-life movement is primarily centered around the Roman Catholic Church and Bible-believing protestant churches. We have a problem here because I think American Christians, be they evangelical protestant or Roman Catholic, have not done a good job passing on their values and world view to their children. Yes, I know some of you make consistent, serious efforts to do that, but I think most are failing.
    One problem is that, for a couple of generations, parents have been letting the TV be an electronic baby sitter. By doing that, they have left their children wide open to being propagandized by the entertainment industry. Most of the folks in the entertainment industry do not subscribe to Christian values and Christian parents need to wake up.