Music & Arts

  • Rodriguez has roles in two plays

        Taylor Rodriguez, of Forest, already has an international reputation as an Elvis Presley tribute artist. He’s currently ranked one of the five best in the world.

        He’s also an actor and has roles in two plays. One will be staged in Fort Worth, Texas in September and the other in Delaware next year. Both are musicals.

  • First Bedford Film Fest set for July 6-7

        The first Bedford Film Festival will be held here Saturday, July 6 and Sunday, July 7.

  • From engineer to author

        Ron Sisson, an electrical engineer, worked for General Electric in Lynchburg for 20 years.

        He started writing children’s books four years ago and based his book “Lost on Big Otter,” published last year, on a misadventure that he had with his children on the Big Otter River while he worked in this area.

  • The love of his life

        Moneta resident Bob Vandelinde has written another book and this one is different from his others.

         In the past, he has written about combat veterans. This book, “My Precious Jean Ella,” is a tribute to his late wife. Their marriage began on March 6, 1952 and ended when death parted them on June 21, 2017.

  • Ray Nance’s book published

        Elisha Ray Nance, known to local folks as Ray Nance, set out 30 years ago to write an account of what he and other men of Company A experienced on June 6, 1944.

  • Silver Notes

        The group calls itself “Silver Notes” and it’s sponsored by Bedford County Parks and Recreation. 

        Members of the group, all retirees, came up with the name because that’s the color of their hair. The group has been singing at nursing homes and assisted living facilities since 2009.
        “Gail and I started it,” said Alana Obenchain.
        Gail is Gail St. Clair, one of the group’s members.

  • Local author publishes 2nd book

        Sara Ernst loves working with children.

        A children’s photographer for 16 years in the Forest area, she has added being a children’s author to her resumé.
        Last year she wrote her first children’s book, “Dragons Really Do Love Tea.” She had a book signing at Givens Little Dickens Books last summer  which helped make the book a success.

  • Toddstock 7.0 coming to Sedalia

        Toddstock 7.0 is the 70th birthday celebration of musician and producer, Todd Rundgren.
        The Sedalia area is serving as host for this private, week-long celebration that will take place between Mountain Run Farm and The Sedalia Center June 17-23.

  • Lake pictorial

        Bedford artist Lisa Floyd has created what she calls the SML Community Painting.

        It’s in the form of a pictorial map that shows Smith Mountain Lake area businesses, sights and icons. One of the icons is “Freedom” the eight-foot tall fiberglass rooster on Scruggs Road that caused quite a stir when a local businessman first set it up.

  • Sports Day-ly: Infinity War Review: A war for the ages (No Spoilers)

    Wow. The culmination of over 10 years of superhero storytelling finally came to a head. The Mad Titan Thanos truly began his quest for the infinity stones and to take down the Avengers.

    There are no major spoilers of Avengers: Infinity War in this review–because I am an above average human being–but there are spoilers for every other Marvel movie.