• Horse sense

        Colt Rainville is in an appropriate business for a guy named Colt. He’s a horse trainer. He’s also only 16, but is already a high school graduate.

        Rainville was home schooled and that made it possible for him to finish his high school studies early. He did that by continuing his studies during the summer, rather than taking a break. That allowed him to advance fast.

  • Chamber banquet

        The Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated 79 years of serving local business with its annual awards dinner held at the Boonsboro Country Club Thursday night. More than 260 people attended the event.

  • Innovairre to expand in Bedford

        Governor Ralph Northam announced Tuesday that Innovairre Communications, LLC will expand its operation in Bedford County.
        The expansion will create 12 new jobs and 72 existing employees will be retrained to utilize the new digital printing technology Innovairre will use to produce direct mail fundraising materials for the nonprofit sector. The expansion will also result in $4.85 million in capital investment for the new printing equipment.

  • Blue Ridge Optics chosen for trade effort

        Blue Ridge Optics, a company located in Bedford, has been selected for Virginia’s VALET program.

        The acronym stands for Virginia Leaders in Export Trade. It’s designed to help companies that already have an established domestic business and want to branch out into exporting. There are currently 50 companies participating.

  • McDonalds gets a makeover

        The Bedford McDonald’s that stands in the old Walmart plaza is getting a complete makeover. The restaurant has been there since 1989. It closed on Jan. 14, temporarily, for the makeover.

  • Hand-crafted fine furniture

        Michael Maxwell’s roots grow deep in Bedford. And though he didn’t grow up here, he’s settled in here for the past 25 years, making fine, hand-crafted furniture that is sent out all over the country.

        Maxwell’s grandfather ran Rubatex at  one     time  and his family had ties to numerous businesses in the South Bridge Street area.

  • BMH renovates emergency department

        It’s done. Centra Bedford Memorial Hospital’s renovated and expanded emergency department will officially open this Thursday, Feb. 15.

  • Centra receives 5-star rating

        This week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) awarded Centra Lynchburg General Hospital and Centra Virginia Baptist Hospital a five-star rating.
        These ratings can be found on CMS’ Hospital Compare website that has information about the quality, safety and customer experience at over 4,000 Medicare-certified hospitals across the country and is provided to the public to help patients make educated decisions.

  • The Traveler

          Bedford now has a new event venue, located on Va. 43 North, two miles from the Bedford Town limits. It’s called The Traveler.

        Dale and Becky Stanley own the place. Dale is plant manager at Fostek, in Bedford, and Becky owns Trendsetters, a hair salon also located in Bedford. The venue is in a building that was built as a Baptist church in the early ‘50s. The congregation   outgrew it and sold it to Southern Flavoring.

  • Super Scoopers

        “It’s a crappy job, but someone has to do it,” states the motto on David Earick’s business card. Earick owns Super Scoopers, a pet waste removal service.