Courts and Crime

  • Two men shot prior to suspect's standoff with police

    For years the family feud had been simmering—on Monday it boiled over.

  • Feud between brothers turns violen

    Virginia State Police and Bedford County Sheriff's deputies are on the scene at Haven Heights Road, approximately two miles west of the city of Bedford, responding to a shooting.

    A brother allegedly shot his brother and his brother's son, the result of a feud that neighbors say that has been going on for several years. One neighbor said that they were always at each other's throat. The mother of one of the men shot said the brothers have been to court several times over the feud.

  • Multiple shootings - alleged shooter still at large

    Virginia State Police and Bedford County Sheriff's deputies are on the scene at Haven Heights Road, approximately two miles west of the city of Bedford, responding to a shooting. Multiple victims are being airlifted. The alleged shooter is still at large. Both sides of U. S. 460 are currently closed.

    More details will be posted as they become available.

  • Shootout leaves one dead

    A shootout, just before midnight, Thursday, left one dead and one wounded.

        According to Sheriff Mike Brown, the county's dispatch center got several calls around 11:30 p.m. reporting gunshots being fired at a residence on Johnson Mountain Road. Witnesses reported that a green Mustang was in the area and the people in the car were firing a firearm and Michael Loboshefski, 29, who lives at 5402 Johnson Mountain Road was returning fire with a .22 caliber rifle.

  • Henrico County police officer arrested

        Allen Hoffman, 30, a Henrico County police officer, was arrested in a Bedford County home late Friday night. According to State Police, Hoffman was taken into custody without resistance and has been charged with possession and production of child pornography. Both are felony charges.

  • Crowd doubles for second annual Night Out

    Bedford’s observance of National Night Out drew twice as many people to the Farmers Market area as it did last year. According to Bedford

    Police Lt. Todd Foreman, a little more than 300 people turned out on a warm, humid summer night for the event.
        Members of Bedrock Community Church cooked up free hamburgers and hot dogs and China Tastes, a local restaurant brought food. A wide selection of other Bedford restaurants also provided free food in the form of a number of gift certificates which were given out as door prizes.

  • Charges to be dropped

    The 53-year-old Bedford woman who had more than 40 cats removed from her home in June will have to reimburse the organizations that have taken care of the cats since they were seized, but won’t face any jail time following action in Bedford General District Court Monday.

        Carolyn Creasy was charged with two counts of animal cruelty or neglect, one count of failing to vaccinate for rabies and one count of owning more than five animals within the city of Bedford.

  • Lifestyle that led up to shooting included belief in ‘tree people,’ heavy drinking

        According to Bedford County Commonwealth’s Attorney Randy Krantz, Tammy Dell Spencer is “crazy like a fox.”

        Now, more than two-and-a-half years after her live-in boyfriend was shot in the head at their Bedford County home near Vinton, she’s been sentenced for the shooting.

  • Crime fighting effort to be held Aug. 2

    Bedford will observe its second National Night Out on Tuesday, Aug. 2.

  • Is Nancy Grace headed here?

        Now that the Casey Anthony story is winding down, could CNN’s Nancy Grace be turning her focus to Bedford County?

        It’s not out of the question. The  prosecution of Kristina Pongracz may now be in her crosshairs.
        And if it is, there will be cameras allowed in the courtroom, following a hearing held earlier this month on the issue.