• Work at FMS on schedule

        The Bedford County School Board got an update Thursday on work at Forest Middle School from Chris Burge.
        Burge works for Skanska which is serving as the owner’s representative for the project to make sure the construction company is doing what it’s supposed to do.
        “I’m on the site every day,” Burge said.
        Burge said site work started in June. The building pad is done and work on storm lines has started.

  • Celebrate Independence Day in Early American Style at Poplar Forest

          Celebrate the 243rd anniversary of American Independence at the cherished private retreat of the man who wrote the Declaration! Visitors of all ages are invited to join Poplar Forest for a celebration that would intrigue Jefferson himself.

  • Board looks at options for elementary schools

        A new study analyzing the space and facility needs in Bedford County’s public elementary schools gives school board members plenty to think about as they look to the future.
        Downey & Scott LLC took a 2016 facilities study and updated costs and capacity needs specifically for the county’s elementary schools. The study, presented to board members Thursday, provides a menu of options in the three different school zones.

  • Schuch gets new contract

        On a 5-2 vote, the Bedford County School Board voted Thursday to give Superintendent Dr. Douglas Schuch a new contract, running from June 13 of this year through June 30, 2021. His contract had been scheduled to run out at the end of next June.
        School board members Martin Leamy and Susan Kirby voted against the new contract.
        Leamy said the board Schuch would be serving under following the upcoming election should be the board that votes on his contract.

  • A lasting contribution

        When Liberty High School got its new gymnasium, metal lockers were slated to be placed into the team rooms.

  • Missing no longer

        A plaque dedicated to the Naval Academy’s contribution to D-Day is no longer missing.

  • GTO graduates

    Bedford County graduated its first group of Growth Through Opportunity (GTO) cadets.

  • WWII vets recount their service

        Last week’s D-Day 75th anniversary was billed as the Final Tribute. It’s the last major anniversary that any significant number of World War II veterans could be expected to be alive and well enough to attend.

  • The Final Tribute

        Tim Dula lost both of his grandfathers in World War II.

        Day Dula landed on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day and saved one of his fellow soldiers, pulling him out of some deep water as he was about to drown. That friend survived the war and lived to tell Dula’s family about what Day Dula had done.
        Day Dula, who served with M Company of the 116th Infantry Regiment, was wounded during the invasion June 6, 1944 and died the next day.

  • Watches on display at Tribute Center

    Two historic watches are now on display at the Bedford Boys Tribute Center, located in what had been Greens’ Drug Store at the corner of Bridge Street and Main Street. Both belonged to Elisha Ray Nance, the second in command of A Company on D-Day, but each was worn by a different man.