• Bedford County Public Schools stands to lose millions in state funding

    Dealing with the next fiscal year’s budget is set to take center stage for the Bedford County School Board and two speakers at last Thursday’s meeting urged the board to consider teacher salaries when crafting the 2011-2012 spending plan.

        Kristina Karnes, a Staunton River Middle School teacher, told board members that while she didn’t envy the job before them in crafting the budget, she said they need to consider giving teachers a raise, because they’ve gone several years without one.

  • Board looks at staggering start time of schools

    In an effort to save money, the Bedford County School Board is considering altering the start times of schools next year, allowing some buses to double up on the routes they run each day.

        Under the proposal being considered, elementary schools would start about 30 minutes earlier (7:55 a.m.) than the current school day which begins at 8:25 a.m. The day would end at 2:35 p.m.; the current day ends at 3:05 p.m.

  • BSTC students see top fuel dragsters

    What’s it like to stand near an 8,000 horsepower engine when it starts up?

  • County teachers visit China

    Two Bedford County teachers were able to spend a week in China last month. They hope they’ll be able to use what they learned to help their students.

        The opportunity came through an invitation from the Office of Chinese Language Council International’s North American office, located in Vancouver, Canada. Though the session was intended for teachers of Chinese language, Ashlie Hirschman and Rhonda Luckie were still invited to attend even though they do not teach Chinese. They are both still in the process of learning the language.

  • Board restores band position

    Come January, a new band teacher will join the staff at Jefferson Forest High School and Forest Middle School.

        On a 4-3 vote, the Bedford County School Board agreed to add a full-time position to be split between the schools for the rest of the school year. Two teachers currently serve the band students at those schools, down from three last year. Band supporters from JF had been asking the board to restore the position for several months.

  • Moving 8th graders to JF and LHS being considered

    Bedford County eighth graders in the Forest and Liberty zones could be roaming the halls of Jefferson Forest and Liberty high schools next year. But that’s just one of several options being considered to deal with facility issues in the county.

  • Students at Body Camp receive special gifts

    Every child at Body Camp Elementary School received a hand-knitted sweater, scarf and hat last week, courtesy of a volunteer effort by folks in the Smith Mountain Lake area. The work was spearheaded by Adele Frischman.

        “This project is huge,” commented Frischman.
        She needed 175 sweaters this year. In order to make this project happen, Frischman just asks.

  • School board to take close look at budget

    The Bedford County School Board will look at the upcoming year’s budget line by line, looking for savings.

        Randy Hagler, the school division’s chief financial officer, believes he has already found one place to save. Hagler presented his idea to the school board during a marathon work session last week.

  • No decision yet on band position for Forest zone

        The Bedford County School Board plans to make a decision on whether to restore a band instructor position to the Forest zone band program next month. This position, which is located at Forest Middle School, had been cut when the budget for the current school year was developed earlier this year.

  • British dignitaries visit with JF band

    There’s nothing quite like receiving an invitation in person. Just ask the Jefferson Forest High School band members.