Today's News

  • Getting small businesses online

    Ninety-seven percent of Internet users look for local goods or services online.  However, 45 percent of Virginia businesses don’t have websites.  For many businesses, it’s not enough anymore to just have a sign outside.  In order to compete, they also need an online presence that points folks in the right direction. 


  • Disability compensation for Veterans

    By Bob Kibler

        Disability compensation is a monthly tax-free benefit paid to Veterans who are at least 10 percent disabled because of injuries or diseases that were incurred in or aggravated during active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training.
        A disability can apply to physical conditions, such as a chronic knee condition, as well as mental health conditions, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

  • Could not support final transportation plan

        The General Assembly adjourned on schedule this year, immediately after approving both a package of amendments to the 2012-2014 Biennial Budget and higher taxes to fund transportation.  While those two measures garnered most of the headlines, more than 800 bills have been approved and forwarded to the Governor.

  • Too many new taxes in transportation bill

    By Sen. Steve Newman
    23rd District

        The General Assembly adjourned on time and as scheduled on February 23, completing its 46-day session.  This year the General Assembly approved more than 800 bills, including a package of amendments to the 2012-2014 Biennial Budget.

  • The heroic work of labor unions

    When the other columnist on this page wrote his “whiny teachers” column, he mistakenly gave union status to the state teachers association, a point on which he has since been corrected.
        But what stands out from that effort is his apparent contempt and loathing of the very concept of unions, a regrettable, even ignorant, attitude about so much of American history.

  • The check’s in the mail

        Last week, Rick Howell’s latest effort to demonize the NRA as Nazis sent me on a little Internet research expedition. In the Feb. 20 edition of the Liberal Agenda, Mr. Howell once again likened the NRA’s effort to defend our Constitutional rights to German Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels’ efforts on behalf of his master, Adolf Hitler.

  • Another hit

    Don’t expect Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell to get much support from conservatives should he aspire to higher office.
        He just committed the conservative cardinal sin: implementing tax increases.
        And his transgression turned out to be a whopper—one of the highest tax increases in the history of the commonwealth.
        That just won’t play well on the Tea Party circuit. And it shouldn’t.
        What was he thinking?

  • Local enthusiasts get a look at Plan 9

        A science fiction film shot primarily in Bedford, got at good response from the 1,300 people who attended MystiCon, a sci-fi convention held in Roanoke over the weekend. A three-minute scene from the feature-length motion picture was named the MystiCon Fan Favorite Film.

  • Board gets good, bad news on budget

        The supervisors have gotten good news and bad news from Interim County Administrator Frank Rogers.
        The good news is that the county will get $4 million per year in additional revenue due to Bedford’s reversion to town status. The bad news is that it still leaves the county nearly $2 million in the hole. Rogers presented them with recommendations on closing that gap at a Monday evening budget work session.

  • Public hearing scheduled on electoral district map

        The Bedford County Board of Supervisors voted 6-1 Monday to schedule a public hearing on the proposed new electoral district map. District 6 Supervisor Annie Pollard cast the lone dissenting vote
        “I guess I’m as unhappy with my district as anybody can be,” commented  Pollard.