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  • s Bedford a 'cop town?'

    By Rickey Wilkerson
    Owner of Frederic’s Flowers

  • s Bedford a 'cop town?'

    By Rickey Wilkerson
    Owner of Frederic’s Flowers

  • Forgetting the lessons of Eisenhower’s address

    There was some dramatic news out of Afghanistan last week, but by now most Americans are so bored by the topic that they barely pay attention.
        The Taliban, the once and very likely future leaders of that country, attacked a resort hotel just outside Kabul. Before the five fighters were killed, they managed to snuff out the lives of 18 innocent people.

  • Incompetence and political games

        I voted for John McCain back in 2008 because I had Barack Obama pegged as a left-wing ideologue who lacked the experience necessary to be president of the United Sates. As he reaches the end of his first (and hopefully last) term, I can say that he has met my expectations. Actually, he has exceeded my expectations. When it comes to foreign policy, his performance goes beyond a leader who is in over his head. It’s been an appalling combination of incompetence and political game-playing.

  • School board selects Jennifer Merritt to fill District 2 seat

        For the second time this year the Bedford County School Board had to fill a vacancy on the board. And, for the second time in its history, it chose to interview candidates in an open meeting.

        Six candidates applied to fill the District 2 school board seat vacated by David Vaden. School board members interviewed each candidate, asking each the same set of questions. Candidates waited their turn in a separate room so that none of them would have the advantage of hearing the questions in advance.

  • LHS student one of 12 to participate in NASA summer program

    By Laura Enderson

    Intern Writer

        As children, many people dream of space—to be able to fly rockets, become astronauts, and study the stars and planets.
        For Megan Beisser, a junior from Liberty High School, her dream is to be an aerospace engineer. She wants to work with the design, construction and science of aircraft and spacecraft. 

  • Press barred from political fundraiser

        Tim Kaine was in town Saturday afternoon for a fundraiser, but you won’t see any stories about it in newspapers. That’s because the event, which took place at the local Democratic Party campaign headquarters on West Main Street, was closed to the press.

        “Generally the campaign fundraisers we hold are not open to the press,” said Lilly Adams, Kaine’s press secretary.
        Why is that?
        “Most fundraisers are in peoples’ houses,” she said.

  • Bedford based organization promotes private colleges

        Tucked away in Bedford’s Centertown is an organization that promotes Virginia’s private colleges to the nation and the world. It’s called the Council of Independent Colleges of Virginia. It’s located in the building on Main Street that once housed the Bedford Democrat and currently is home to Robert Lambeth’s law practice. This is a good location for the organization’s office as Lambeth is it’s president. It’s also a good location because many of it’s members are in this region of Virginia.

  • School board questions behind-the-wheel training

        Behind-the-wheel training will continue to be available for students in Bedford County Public Schools, at least through this fall, but school officials are looking at the possibility of phasing out the program in the future.
        But several speakers, at last Thursday’s meeting of the Bedford County School Board, encouraged the board not to drop the program.

  • Supervisors question developer's track record

        A request by a developer to rezone five acres of a nine acre tract in Forest failed by a tie vote when it came before the board of supervisors Monday night.